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Re: Rebook Any PPV Past or Present

Elimination Chamber 2011

Tips before reading
Punks Rumble Winner
HHH is wrestling
and The WWE Championship is a chamber match not a singles match vs Jerry Lawler

World Heavyweight Championship Chamber Match
Edge (c) vs Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett
(First off I would not have Del Rio win the rumble you know who will win it in a second. Same chamber match as the orginal except Del Rio is replacing Drew M and I would have Edge win this match retaining his title. After the match Christian comes out and Attacks Edge turing heel and faces Edge at WM 27 in Edges last match ever.)

Tag Team Championship match
The Core: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs Santino & Vladimir (c)
(Didn't care for this match we need a bathroom break after a great chamber match so i left it alone)

No Holds Bar Match
Triple H vs Sheamus
(To me they should have really put a proper ending to this feud. So i would have HHH return at the Royal Rumble at number 40 eliminated Sheamus and Himself, then the next night on raw HHH comes out and challenges Sheamus to a no holds barr match at the chamber PPV. The match happens HHH wins getting his revenge on Sheamus for taking him out for a year.)

CM Punk (Rumble winner) vs Jerry Lawler
(Basically i have Punk take Miz place in the feud with Jerry Lawer but Punk is not the wwe champ is the rumble winner so i thought him facing King would get him some heat going into WM)

WWE Championship Chamber Match
Miz (c) vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs Alex Riley
( Pretty basic. I would have John Cena win this match. Go into WM 27 as champ and face CM Punk the match that should have happened at WM 27)

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