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Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

I don't understand here, this is the one thing that was never questioned was his wrestling ability. What is with all this sudden nitpick atatck on Chavo as of late? During his WWE run no one said or questioned his wrestling ability but because he's given a chance to come over to another promotion people say he can't wrestle? Say what? So northern lights suplexes, submission holds, tilt-a whirl backbreakers, somersault sentons, rolling wheels kicks, planchas aren't wrestlign moves? Chavo's final years (2009-2011) in WWE people felt sorry for him and wanted him to be a prominent midcarder now that he's doing exactly that in TNA people bag on him all of a sudden? He puts on consistent matches weekly. If you don't like the guy sure, but to try to take away what he's good at which is wrestling is really going overboard. Chavo has held the ECW Championship, Cruiserweight Championship(6 times), and WWE/WCW Tag Team Championships which were/are bigger promotions and he's not allowed to hold a TNA tag title? He's not in the main event so I really don't see the problem.
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