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Re: I hate WWE right now.

Originally Posted by Bebe View Post
]It turns my stomach that CM Punk''s 400+ day title reign has all been leading up to this
It turns my stomach he even got that reign. No long-term champ since Diesel has deserved it less imo.

Team Hell No
This team needs to end
They're fine to me. There isn't enough main event to go around, so it's either this or jobbing to the stars for those two. Which do you prefer? I'm glad Bryan isn't jobbing all the time anymore and has a title. Even if it's the tag title.

Daniel Bryan... where do I start? This guy is the best technical wrestler in WWE history
lol. Did you really go back and look at every technical wrestler in WWE history, compare and contrast, then say hmmm yes, Daniel Bryan is indeed better than everyone else? I seriously doubt it because there's no way you could've come to that conclusion. Best technical wrestler in WWE now? Sure, maybe. In WWE history? No way. I like the dude, but why're you massively overrating him to such a gargantuan extent?

While we're at it: Kobe isn't better than Jordan. Lemiuex wasn't better than Gretzky. Howard isn't even close to Olajuwon and Shaq, or even Ewing and Robinson. And Miguel Cabrera is worse than dozens of players in the past.

That latest best isn't always the best ever. In fact, that's rarely the case.
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