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Re: I hate WWE right now.

A few excellent points are brought up by the OP, I was expecting to open this and someone to just mention the 'PG era' and leave it at that. The CM Punk thing I completely agree with. Although I don't think he'd ever of been the top face of the WWE, I'm very glad he's turned heel. He is the best heel in the world in any wrestling organization at the moment. And it makes me sick to see The Rock turn up and ruin all his progress, shame on you Dwayne. The Bryan and Kane thing I have to agree with, except repackaging Bryan. Do you remember how Angle was the milk swilling, joker guy in the 2000's? Well, Bryan's your modern day equivalent. I like him how he is, he just needs to brake away from Kane and have a WWE belt strapped around him. All the WWE needs for me is a new creative team of writers and better story lines that intertwine with each other! It's almost like they just keep all their half decent story lines untill Wrestlemania and for the rest of the year it's just filler. There's nothing wrong with the PG of the product, just how shit the product actually is, regardless of rating.
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