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Re: I hate WWE right now.

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
This is as bad as I have ever seen WWE be & I have been watching them since 1987. Yes, despite what others will say, that does include years like 1995 as well.

It's not even necessarily that everything sucks. It's that nothing matters. Wins & Losses don't matter. Title wins & title changes don't matter. No one has a gimmick, no one has any heat, no ones character seems to have a direction, a goal, a purpose or a gimmick. It's just a bunch of people trying to kill time to get through each show. What is The Miz's gimmick? What is Randy Orton's gimmick? What is Kofi Kingston's gimmick? They're all just guys, not doing anything but taking up time. The Pay-Per-Views are overpriced & completely forgettable. I can't tell you the card of the last ten Wrestlemanias, I can't even remember most of the main events. It's because none of it matters. Edge was forced to retire. Eddie is dead. Benoit is dead. Shawn Michaels retired. Kurt Angle left. All the top guys that they used on 'Mania, sans Cena, are gone.

There are so many problems right now that I can't even narrow them down to decide which ones are the "big" ones worthy of talking about. After awhile, all of the "little" problems start to add up too. When compounded with the big, glaring faults, it gets pretty damn frustrating.

To me, something that not a lot of people seem to be acknowledging, is that bringing guys like The Rock, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar & Triple H back is just making things worse. It's very short-sighted & after Wrestlemania, we're going to be stuck with the same old shit when those guys all take off again. This is the time when they need to be establishing new guys as top guys. All the guys that they tried to build up the last several years, as previously mentioned, are gone. So instead of making more guys, now WWE are just bringing back guys from even before them!

The writing is terrible. Everything, including promos, is over scripted. The camera angles are bad. The painful slow-motion zoom in on faces to get some BS "moment" is terrible (and we're approaching the Road to Wrestlemania so get ready for it). On-air authority figures have been played out for about eight years now or so & they're still a crutch for WWE. There's no reason for Smackdown to even exist anymore, so instead WWE add another hour on Monday and two more shows during the week.

Whenever something DOES seem to work, whenever the fans latch onto something & try to make it their own, WWE shoves it down our throats. It becomes uncool. It becomes a WWE creation instead of something the fans liked. AJ was doing well for herself. Then she became the entire focus of all the feuds on every show & took up more TV time than all the champions combined. The "Yes!" chants were over. So they played it into the ground, slapped it on a T-shirt, gave it to AJ, had guys like Cena acknowledge it in-ring & just completely killed it. Zack Ryder was over & Long Island was going nuts for him. WWE didn't put him on the show at all. Heaven forbid they go against the script & cut some other BS segment & let him go out there to get that monster ovation. Instead, they waited a few weeks for him to cool off, then sent him out there in like Iowa or some shit, tried to shove him down the throat of live crowds that didn't give a fuck & then wondered why he wasn't over.

The tag division sucks. The Divas suck. The midcard sucks. There's no reason to care about anyone or anything! Even-stevens booking with wins/losses that have no consequences or repercussions.

It feels like WWE are purposely sabotaging themselves.

Where are the characters that are relatable? Or someone that, as fans, we have a reason to get emotionally invested in? Whatever happened to caring about the outcome of a match? Why have WWE killed off all of their gimmick matches to the point that they don't matter anymore?

Why should I care about who wins the Royal Rumble? Because they get a title shot? Who gives a fuck? All you have to do is ASK for a title shot & you get one. Ask Batista. Or Christian. Or Cena. You don't have to earn anything anymore, so why does it matter? There's no suspense or emotion.
So refreshing to see a constructive post on here..


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