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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Christian rocks as a babyface in peril and he also rules the world as a dickhead heel. He's pretty much the total package other than his size, and even then that adds to his character as a face or heel so you could even consider his size an advantage. Kennedy, whilst I find him monotonous, repetitive and boring in real life, is decent at best. But I can understand why people like him, due to his smarmy attitude and whatever, so I understand the pushes for him but he's not my cup of tea tbh. Finally, what Rob Van Dam lacks in terms of mic skills, he more than makes up for in his in-ring presence and just little things about him, especially from 05-07. He's just really easy to get behind, has a simple yet dynamic moveset and is just likeable in general. I'd love to see someone pull the trigger on a fully fledged RVD heel run with THE FONZ~! by his side, however.

Was it KOP that pushed MVP to the World/WWE title? I can remember browsing through an older thread that pushed him to the moon. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy's single best feuds in the WWE were with Matt Hardy, Umaga and CM Punk. His best matches were also with those three and Triple H. The link between those four? All four are much more talented than Jeff. In short, I firmly believe Jeff was carried in the majority of his feuds and matches. My opinion, of course, but I know many people would agree with me and I'm sure there will be people that disagree. DISCUSSION~!

But yeah, I'd love to see some love for other wrestlers. When I was first introduced to the section and Melvis had his old thread, I was drawn in by his use of Swagger and that is probably due to the fact that very few would push him. Wolfy's use of London and Albright, Legend's use of Big Show and TWGTT, KOP's (?) use of MVP... All examples of how pushing "less popular" wrestlers can be great. I'd love to see more of that kind of stuff and I'm sure we will. Finlay pushes, Regal pushes and Mizark pushes plz.

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