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It's Not Paranoia...
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Paranoia: Hip Hop illuminati, Hollywood Homos, Conspiracy Crap

So, my cousin calls me last night on some paranoia.(He's really my best friend for 17 years but blacks have a habit of calling best friends cousins after a while. Especially since he's been around the family so long. Plus I'm actually related to his dead brother so in a sense he's like a distant cousin)

He calls me just to tell me about all of this Hollywood illuminati, homosexually, crap. Here's the laundry list of everything he said based on the everything he's 'read', plus his shitty opinions:

-"Yo 50 cent is gay because he was playing with some dildo in a video."
-P.Diddy is gay.
-Rick Ross is gay.
-Young Buck from G Unit and Ray J are gay together (which was actually a rumor)
-Dr.Dre is gay (been a rumor for years)
-Quincy Jones is gay (there's actually some hot rumors on that)
-Ja Rule is gay
-Jay Z is bisexual
-Beyonce is bisexual
-Cam'ron (GET EM DADDY) is suspect for wearing Pink. When I told him that I style the fuck out of Pink, he said, "yeah but we know you not gay."
-Dave Chappelle is "still" living in Africa to hide from the illuminati.
-Katt Williams is not self-destructing on his own. Hollywood, homos and the illuminati is making him lose his mind.
-They are all in the illuminati because they flash the signs and sell their souls for fame.
-Most of them are gay because you have to bang another dude to get into the industry.
-2Pac was killed because he spoke up about them, and he was going to run for president, and they were mad because "he was going to get a lot of votes." He also believes 2Pac is still alive so he just contradicted himself.

Then it gets worse. More crap from him:

-"Whenever someone dies in hollywood, someone else always blows up. After Aaliyah died, Beyonce blew up, after Notorious BIG died, Diddy blew up. Diddy set him up. Now I'm not saying that Beyonce had something to do with her death, but I'm just saying isn't it ironic? Dame Dash blew up after Aaliyah died. He never cared about her when they were dating. Jay-Z was the one who liked Aaliyah."

"Some of them do blood sacrifices." (Can't remember who he named)

Lowest of the low:

-"I think Jennifer Hudson set up her family."

I said "C'mon man". He said in sarcasm "where we going?". Then he says "Didn't you notice that she suddenly got all these commercials, media attention and advertising after her family died? She sold her soul, and sold out her family for fame.


By the time this conversation was over, I wanted to stab this motherfucker. He smokes weed, and I don't know if he was high or not. Regardless he actually believes this shit sober or not.

He claims he's not the believe everything you see type of person, but in reality he really is. He'll believe anything he reads.

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