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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

As far as Iím concerned, the up and coming star of Raw in this thread is Kenny Dykstra. Youíve given him the title, and at WrestleMania you gave him the girl. Thatís all well and good, and I actually feel as if Carlito is a pretty solid face type character for Kenny to play off. With that being said, I felt like you were at a bit of a dilemma here. A loss to Dykstra would kill all his momentum, whilst a loss to Carlito would make him look like a real bitch. Basically, both men couldnít lose. The DQ finish isnít necessarily one I like on PPV, but I really feel like it makes sense here. Youíve set yourself quite the challenge now though. Obviously this feud is going to continue, and whilst it has been an okay feud, it has been nothing ground breaking. For this to really justify being given a blow off match further down the track, I really think things will need to take a step to the next level between the two.

Tag title match was written well and all that, but if Iím being openly honest, there wasnít much to get me interested in the match at all.

Iím enjoying the way youíve brought The Hart Legacy in, and after a solid win on PPV, Iím intrigued to see where they go next.

On a side note, those KOTR brackets look pretty damn good. A few jobbers in there, but theyíll get weaselled out early on.

Orton/Hardy was a decent filler feud for Orton, but thatís all it ever was. Orton was never in jeopardy of losing the briefcase.

The build for Shawn Michaels/Triple H was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Makes me feel like shit, considering I initially thought Iíve done a decent job with my HHH/HBK feud, but I guess not. Triple H is the perfect badass foil for the epic new character of Michaels to play off. The fact that they are former best friends just makes it THAT much better. The promos from the two, especially Michaels, as well as just your description of the way Michaels carries himself has been top notch. The match itself was very brutal, which is exactly what you would expect. Michaels working on the leg and what not wasnít exactly what I expected, and I wasnít sure what to think about it throughout the match. However the way the ending went about, it really made sense. The ending to the match with the final act of defiance, before HBK took Trips out was chilling stuff. Just terrific. I canít compliment you enough for this match, this feud, and just the character of Shawn Michaels. Just awesome.

Womenís title match shocked me a little. I really didnít expect Mickie to lose the title tonight, but youíll now have her firing for a rematch, as well as Victoria wanting to get at Phoenix. Should make for some interesting developments...

The main event was written very well, and probably just trailed HBK/HHH as match of the evening. I was glad to see RVD get the win, and the booking of the match completely made sense, but I hated it. I hate Vince McMahon being the focal point of everything, itís such a stale act, so I really disliked the interference. Again, from a booking standpoint I get it, this is more a personal preference thing. The rest of the match was fine enough, but I definitely think thereís more to come between Van Dam/Cena/Lashley.

I donít want to seem like a total prick because there still has been some good stuff, but Raw has been pretty streaky since Mania. Everything has just seemed sort of dull, way to by the numbers. I think Wolfy may have mentioned a Mania hangover mode, and that really is exactly what it feels like. Whilst your match writing was still good, and Backlash definitely had a great card, your mid card really needs some work. Youíre building up young talent and what not, and thatís more than fine, but come Backlash time, there were three matches on the card that I really didnít feel Iíd been made to care about at all. Backlash itself as a show was a great effort though mate, and I look forward to seeing just how you deal with things from here.

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