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Re: Do you think we shall ever see CM Punk Vs Stone Cold?

WWE is already using a Rock match on Punk, I'd rather them not use any more megastar matches on him for awhile. It's someone else's turn imo. Punk's been super pushed for a year and a half now, and it will probably go for another half a year. He doesn't need any more help. Imo, he's as over as he's going to get.

What I'd really like to see Stone Cold vs Sheamus with Sheamus going over after re-establishing his fury gimmick. That way some nice use would come of it in addition to the extra buyrates.

Ryback's moves might literally hurt Austin, so I wouldn't suggest him. Ziggler isn't big enough in stature to really square off realistically against Austin (though Ziggler/HBK would be cool), so imo that leaves Sheamus who can beat him and it not piss me off that he did so.

There aren't many dudes I wouldn't be pissed off if they beat Austin or The Rock, but Sheamus with the fury gimmick is one. It'd help his career out a lot to get that kind of win. There's always Cena and Orton, but like Punk, they're already as over as they're going to get, and don't need the match or the win. Wouldn't want to see either unless it was just a swan song for Austin. Then maybe a match vs Cena would be a nice way to go out. Or better yet. . .Austin vs The Rock, the final showdown!
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