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Re: Pinnacle Combat :The Dark Horse Of Revolution

Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road 1
July 11th
Detroit, Michagan

The scene fades to Tazz in the center of a ring in front of an empty arena. He is wearing a black tuxedo, standing dead center in the ring, looking into the camera. Three shadows lie on either side of him.

Tazz : Ever since my departure from the higher-up companies, I realized that I've earned an ample amount of respect and reputation, not only as a wrestler but as a worker in this industry alone. With that being said, I've decided to wind down and create my own promotion to go up against the Big 2 of America. Why? No, it wasn't over the money I was getting. Actually, it was because not only to stay in the sport but because I want to be the one to fit his way into the top promoters in the world. I didn't reveal the rosters because they are a surprise, but I will tell you that they will all be making an appearance whether its backstage cutting a promo, brawling backstage or competing in this very ring. This isn't your average promotion where its about cutting the sports entertainment with gritty, rebellious, alternative wrestling. This isn't your hardcore promotion. This is your “anything and everything can happen” promotion. This is your “be prepared for anything” federation and trust me after this show, you won't want to miss another. This is where wrestling is about the performance equally as much as the crowd reaction. But enough of my yappin'! I'm Tazz, alongside Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham! Welcome to Pin-

Just as he was going to give the pop-filled line, Amy Dumas covers his mouth and Tazz immediately looks at her.

Dumas : No, this isn't the right time to say something as monumental as that. I think it would be best if you wait.

Tazz : Alright, then on with the two-hour pilot special ppv of Pinnacle Wrestling!

The scene fades from the three, to a less than moderate pyro performance. After ending, it leads to a hip-hop tune. As the camera zooms out, it is panned to a moderately large audience.

Brooklyn! Brooklyn!

We start off our first hour of our first show with an alumni of the World Wrestling Entertainment, JTG! He runs out from the curtain and stands on the stage with his usual “swag” : glasses, sagging jeans with one leg of the jeans raised with a knee supporter, along with some gloves and a black jacket to complete the whole hoodlum look. He smirks at the buzzing crowd as he walks down the ramp with a glow of undeserved pride. As he walks menacingly, but with a skip in his step the camera switches over to the new commentary couple: Todd Grisham and Amy Dumas.

Todd Grisham : ...and welcome to the first show of Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road. I am your co-commentator Todd Grisham alongside this lovely lady, former champion, Amy Dumas.

Amy Dumas : Thanks Todd, now we have this dude right here that goes by JTG. He's a former tag team championship but now he has a chance to rise up the ranks.

Todd Grisham : I believe you had the chance to meet him some time back.

Amy Dumas : I did, he's a great wrestler and can get the crowd off its feet.

JTG slides into the ring after getting microphone off camera. As his entrance music fades away, he looks at the crowd with a more serious attitude.

JTG : Yeah, yeah it's ya boy. JTG aka the former tag team champions aka the better half of the tag team I won half of the championships with and aka the man who has a brighter future.

The crowd gives little reaction but heat is noticeable at the shot towards former tag partner, Shad Gaspard.

JTG : You see, in the last promotion I was in, I didn't like how my future was being turned to. When I was called by the legendary Tazz, I could almost see the rest of my career skyrocketing. Not only will I carry this company solo but I will be the inaugural world champion, and ain't no body gonna keep that from me because now that I can control my own damn career, and after getting Tazz's permission, I issue an open challenge to any of the other 39 wrestlers back there.

He stands there and waits as he takes off his glasses. A Caribbean-like theme song plays that the crowd goes nuts for. A 5'10 male walks out of the curtain.

Grisham : For those of you who do not know this guy, he's former champion, Carlito.

Dumas : I think his Afro has gotten bigger!

Carlito runs down the ramp while a referee is with him and they slide into the ring, the referee doesn't waste any time and rings the bell.

Match #1
JTG vs Carlito
Singles Match

This match is now underway as JTG rushes at Carlito and kicks him dead in the gut and as Carlito stumbles into the corner, JTG doesn't hesitate to unload a brutal series of punches and gut kicks to the cornered Caribbean. The referee gets in the middle and splits it up as JTG screams at the ref, telling him he can do what he wants. Carlito then spears JTG to the canvas and unloads a series of punches to the grounded JTG. As he gets off him, Carlito picks up the stalled JTG and whips him towards the ropes. Running back, JTG ducks a running clothesline and keeps running then flattens Carlito with a running body block which leaves them both on the ground for a second before JTG gets up and goes to the corner. JTG is at the top of the corner and he waits for Carlito to get up. Carlito gets to a vertical base facing away from JTG and JTG then dives off for a far missile dropkick, connecting to his lower back causing Carlito to fling towards the ropes like a rag doll. JTG then stumbles back to his feet seeing Carlito leaning on the ropes, arms wrapped around the top rope, vulnerable for attack. JTG then goes for a spear but Carlito hits a nasty flapjack and JTG lands on the ropes on his neck. Oxygen being cut off for a split second and his atoms apple almost being pushed deeper into the depth of his throat, JTG grabs his throat and walks backwards until he is at the turnbuckle farthest from Carlito who is on one knee trying to recover. The referee checks on JTG and Carlito then tries to speed up the pace of the match he rushes towards JTG as the referee moves away. Carlito then hops to the second rope and hits two punches to the temple of JTG and connects with a monkey flip which sends JTG into the center of the canvas. Carlito then goes to the ring apron and gets into position, almost adjacent to JTG and hops onto the topmost rope and lands a picture-perfect springboard senton. He pins JTG. The ref counts “1...2...” No! JTG gets an elbow up.

Carlito then looks at the referee and holds up three fingers, but with the crowd's motivation Carlito picks up and gets a disrespectful open hand slap following an eye gouge, completely legal due to the referee's obstructed vision. JTG then kicks Carlito, targeting the abdomen, then runs to the ropes. The crowd is on their feet as he hits his signature running leapfrog transitioned into a leg drop bulldog which creates pop with the fans. Carlito then hits the ground with a huge thud and holds his head, obviously having a sharp pain in his head. JTG then looks at the crowd and shouts some abuse to the front row, giving Carlito ample time to get up and he sneaks behind JTG and goes for a surprise backstabber but JTG holds on for dear life on the ropes and Carlito falls to the ground neck-first. Carlito tries to get up to his feet, but its too late as JTG lands a successful (Da) Shout Out then pins her successfully.

Winner By Pinfall : JTG

JTG doesn't celebrate, rather he slides out of the ring and grabs a microphone then slides back in and leans over the grounded Carlito beside he referee.

JTG : Should've stayed in the back with the rest of the losers. JTG is going to the top and ain't nothing y'all gonna do. Chy'eah!

JTG drops the microphone on the chest of Carlito and exits the ring, as the camera follows JTG until he reaches up the ramp. The announcer's table, located to the left of the bottom ramp. The camera than focuses on Todd and Amy.

Amy : Wow, JTG is really making a statement. He wants to the the inaugural world champion.

Todd : If he can string victories like that then he will most likely be the first world champion. I just got word that three important events will be happening, five championships will be presented, our two divisions will be showcased and there will be a tag team between two big prospects.

Amy : But for now, I'm told that we will be going backstage with our rookie interviewer, Susan Brooke.

The camera cuts backstage to an African-American female, standing upright in a slim, grey dress and black high heels.

Brooke : Hello Pinnacle Combat, this is your head interviewer Ms. Brooke here with former champion, Jack Swagger!

Swagger puts his hand around her shoulder.

Swagger : Hey there, "doll", but um, this isn't just your former champion Jack Swagger. This is your all-American, former world champion, former ECW champion and your future inaugural Pinnacle Champion Jack Swagger and if you're lucky, maybe your future date.

Jack Swagger laughs with an undeserved aura of over-confidence as Susan scoots away.

Brooke : Hold your horses sir. Now, you say you are going to be the inaugural champion ("Yeah" can be heard from Swagger) but what makes you better than JTG or Carlito?

Swagger : [laughs] JTG and Carlito don't have nothing over this all-American. First of all, Carlito lost to a loser like JTG. Second of all, JTG thinks he should have pride over beating someone like Carlito? BS

Brooke : Ok, then why didn't you answer the open challenge by the winner of the match JTG?

Swagger : Listen Brooke, if I went out there and won, it wouldn't help me anymore than this interview is.

Brooke : Oh, so you are saying that JTG is still not above you after he won?

Swagger : That is exactly what I am saying.

Brooke : Well thank you for your time, I hope to see you in a match.

Jack Swagger blows a kiss and leaves, Brooke obviously rejecting his vibes as the camera fades to Dumas and Grisham while a Japanese male wearing wrestling attire is seen walking out of the crowd then jumping over the barricade and running up the steel steps.

Amy Dumas : Well, we are about to experience our second match. The guy in the ring currently is KENTA, a tough wrestler.

Another wrestler is coming through the curtain, running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Hoping onto the second turnbuckle, London poses as KENTA warms up for the match.

Match #2
KENTA vs Paul London
Singles Match

KENTA goes for a slow-paced strategic method and locks up with Paul London. Slapping on an arm bar, he lands a couple of stiff middle kicks, to the abdomen of London. London screams louder after every kick and breaks out of the hold but it is futile as KENTA then hits a drop toe hold and wastes no time with a single-legged Boston crab. London wrenches and screams in pain but KENTA isn't giving mercy on his debut match for PC: Apex Road! London refuses to give and begins to crawl towards the ropes. London then manages to turn KENTA around and kicks KENTA off of him. KENTA stumbles back but then comes back to grab his leg and drive his knee into it. London then curls up and grabs his leg, grimacing in pain. KENTA then goes to pin London. The referee counts. 1...2! Kick out! KENTA then locks in a STF. London tries to reach the ropes but its inches away and London looks like he can't take it anymore. London begins his long crawl towards the ropes, the only way to break out of this hold. KENTA wrenches the hold even tighter, trying to break his neck. London screams his head off, as his previously pale head, would soon turn red as he inches his way towards the ropes. Eventually, London finally gets a hand on the ropes. The referee wastes no time and breaks KENTA's deadly hold. KENTA gets up and goes to the second rope. As London gets up, he goes even higher and connects with a missile dropkick. London grabs his chest and flies backward. KENTA then shouts in Japanese for him to get up. KENTA waits all of 5 seconds before picking him up and sending him across the canvas with a brutal double underhook suplex. KENTA then gets back up and puts London in seating position and starts kicking the wind out of him, connecting a seated kick then a seated back kick, then a seated kick, then a seated back kick, and on and on until he screams in the air then goes to the opposite corner and stalks the grounded Paul London. Paul London then gets lifted onto KENTA's shoulders. The “strictly business”-like serious face of KENTA turns into a ego-like smirk as he lifts him over his head and raises his knee performing a Go 2 Sleep. Paul London is still surprisingly standing and extremely groggy. He lands multiple slaps followed by a spinning chop followed by a roundhouse kick to the side of the head and finished with the Busaiku Knee Kick. London goes flying back as he is busted open. KENTA then locks in an Omplata Crossface. Paul London then tries to escape like he did on the last two holds but he is dead center in the ring and is less likely to escape so he tries to break free but all have their limits and consequently London screams and taps out as the blood drips onto KENTA's hands. The referee rings the bell.

Winner By Submission : KENTA

KENTA doesn't look like he's giving any mercy even after the bell rings. KENTA then uses his menace to “persuade” the referee to exit the ring. Out of nowhere, another Asian male runs down the ramp and approaches KENTA, they have a staredown before another Asian male runs down the ramp and each of those three pick up the bloodied London. The two males hold him still as KENTA hits a single-leg high knee. London goes down like a rag doll as they pick him up a second time. One of the Japanese males hits a nasty roundhouse kick. Paul London goes back down lifeless. The other Asian guy picks up Paul London and hits a wrist-clutch Olympic slam (Go To Heaven). London just gets manhandled for a third time and finally enough referees and several officials get in the ring and pulls Paul London out of the ring. The three guys stand in the middle of the ring and shout.


??? : Tatsu!

??? : Goto!

KENTA, Goto and Tatsu : No remorse! No empathy! No mercy!

They each leave in unison hoping over the crowd barrier and out of the arena.

Amy : Wow, Yoshi Tatsu, KENTA and Goto are their names and they seemed to have formed a group. Remember folks no one in this arena other than backstage and the general manager. We don't even know!

Todd : One of our divisions will be showcased. It's called the “Television” division.

The scene then fades to a video promo.

Two males are sitting on a motorcycle. They are on a abandoned street on a sunny afternoon in Detroit. The camera's placed where they are looking down and the camera is tilted up.

??? : “I'm Alex Shelley.”

??? : “I am Chris Sabin.”

Shelley : Now we aren't just your average tag team. We are former champions. We don't get pushed around, we create fans, we are the face of Pinnacle Wrestling. There is no weakness. We have no weak link. There isn't a brawn and a brains in our tag team and that is why we are unstoppable. Sabin and I will be the inaugural PC Tag Team Champions and not only that, we will dominate the tag team division.

Sabin : We aren't your run of the mill tag team. We don't have a gimmick, we don't need anything to create a reaction from the crowd. As soon as we stand on the stage, a standing ovation is given without a second thought. We are the Motor City Machine Guns. We will be in action later and we will not only win but send a message to the entire Pinnacle Wrestling roster.

Shelley and Sabin put on their helmets then ride away.
The dust prevents any view from the camera as the scene fades to a young, skinny but muscular rookie with black hair but vibrant red highlights, wearing a black velvet jacket and a black New York snapback.

Todd : This 18 year old's name is Joey LeBell. He was trained in a professional wrestling camp just outside of Tampa.

LeBell : My name is Joey LeBell.

The crowd pays little attention as he smirks.

LeBell : Ladies...ladies...calm down.

He poses a bit as he gets no attention from the female fanbase as he laughs to himself as if any woman in this arena was screaming for his attention. He then throws his snapback into the crowd but they throw it back. The crowd gets a medium buzz and LeBell smiles.

LeBell : Sorry ladies, I would sign it but I don't have a pen. You understand, don't ya ladies? But as I was going to say, my name is Joey LeBell and I'm apart of the television division because I am a face for television. I can [sings moderately] sing. I can dance.

He puts the mic down and dances for the crowd. The crowd only gives a negative reaction. Joey then picks the microphone back up.

LeBell : I can do it all and when I beat the guy in the back, trust me, this 18 year old will be put next to wrestling greats!

“I Am Super. I Am Crazy. I am Super Crazy!”

Super Crazy comes out with the Mexican flag on a lawn mower. Tazz doesn't follow too far from him.

Grisham : For those who do not know, this is Super Crazy. He is a former champion and he used to be working for the same promotion I was.

After setting the flag standing upright on a specially made stand, Super Crazy then slides into the ring and gets up with one hop. Tazz walks up the steel steps, with a microphone and enters the ring. Super Crazy locks eye with his future opponent.

Tazz : Now here is how a television division works, I pick someone out of the crowd and I give them a card, then they get to pick your match and also when it is a title match, this entire arena gets to decide your fate but since its not, Joey since you are the challenger pick a random letter and a random single-digit number.

LeBell : T9.

Tazz : Do I have a T9 in the building?

After a suspenseful wait, a larger than average, hispanic, dark brown-haired male comes to the front row and Tazz hands him a card.

Tazz : You sir, will get to pick between those three.

Male : They all look so good.

Tazz : Well just tell me the letter and I will tell those two over there.

Male : [cutting off Tazz a bit] Bro, I'm going with C, bro!

Tazz : Alright, thank you for your time.

Tazz then slides into the ring with the card in his hand.

Tazz : That gentleman over there decided to pick choice C. Which is...[drum role sound effect played] a...

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Last Man Standing match!

The crowd pops.

Tazz : Rules are pretty simple, use tables, ladders and chairs to knock ya' opponent out cold for 10 seconds. Good luck there rookie.

Although with moderate force, he pats LeBell on the back and LeBell either oversells or flings himself forward a couple steps or six.

Match #3
Joey LeBell vs. Super Crazy
Last Man Standing TLC Match

[justify]As soon as the bell rings, TWACK! You can hear the sound of cracking nuts as LeBell hits a field goal low blow to Super Crazy then he rolls out the ring. Joey grabs a ladder and places it in the ring. He then observes his surroundings as Super Crazy rolls around in uttermost agony after having his pair almost shattered. Joey LeBell grabs a table and manages to get it above the second rope and then he picks up two chairs. As Crazy makes it towards the apron, the side of his face gets a faceful of chair as LeBell doesn't hesitate to swing the metal against his ear and skull. Super Crazy is then stunned as he lies there, head hanging off a ring apron. LeBell then strategically places a chair a good distance away from Crazy. LeBell then takes a few steps back and then has a head start before running up the steel chair and hitting a dropkick to Super Crazy's head as it was hanging off the apron. Super Crazy then goes skidding across the ring apron and then on the floor. Not even the die-hard extreme fans could honestly say they condone this! LeBell then slides Crazy back into the ring and then LeBell goes to the second rope and hits a decent second-rope fist drop. He then shouts disrespectfully at the referee to count. 1.


Super Crazy then uses the ropes to get up and shouts “Viva La Mexico” Joey runs for a clothesline but Crazy trips LeBell and he goes for a trip over the top rope and onto the floor. Super Crazy bangs his chest three times still shouting “Viva La Mexico” then begins a sprint which results in a unsuccessful corkscrew plancha. The crowd (especially the front row that experienced the dodge) shout “Oooh!” as Joey starts cracking up histerically as he shouts “I'm Joey LeBell! Too smart for that bull!” The crowd then begins to give a lot more pop for the kid. Joey then picks up Crazy who still has a spark of fighting spirit inside him to headbutt him to the floor then slide into the ring. As Super Crazy sets up a table into the corner, he stops to praise the crowd for believing in him. “Super Crazy” chants start to emerge from the back of the arena and migrate to the opposite side of the arena. Joey LeBell then gets up and slides into the ring furiously and goes for a spear only for Crazy to move out of the way and LeBell to go crashing through the wooden table. Crazy then leans on the ropes and looks at LeBell smiling that he can't taunt now. The referee counts.


9. No! LeBell manages to shake the cobwebs off and get to a veritical base. Super Crazy can't believe his eyes as LeBell gets to an attacking stance, smirking. Crazy then approaches the kid and they lock up. Crazy gets the advantage and connects with a front facelock. Crazy then hits an explosive brainbuster out of the blue! The crowd cheers loud as Super Crazy, then gets to his feet again and sets up the ladder. Super Crazy then shouts “Trifecta!” Super Crazy, goes to a turnbuckle and gets to the top rope and easily connects a moonsault. Some parts of the crowd shouts “Uno!”. Super Crazy goes to a farther turnbuckle and hits another picture-perfect moonsault as if it was nothing. Some parts of the crowd catch on and a noticeably louder “Dos!” catches on. Super Crazy then sets up a ladder and shouts “Tres!” Super Crazy goes to the top of the ladder and stands on top of it, facing away from LeBell. Crazy, with a “do or die” look in his eyes, jumps off the ladder, risking life and limb with a moonsault but LeBell rolls out of the ring and Crazy hits the canvas hard. The referee and the rest of the crowd can't believe their eyes. The black and white striped official has no choice but to count. 1!

10! The referee rings the bell then checks on Super Crazy.[justify]

Winner By Ten Count : Joey LeBell

He then picks up his hat and stumbles into the back, smirking at the crowd.

Dumas : This guy is going to make an impact whether the crowd likes it or not but nonetheless, good work on the television division.

Grisham : I know this guy is totally carrying a death wish on his back, acting like he is the reason this show is amazing.

Dumas : He's a bright prospect who just feels confident.

Grisham : Confident? The man is an egomaniac!

Dumas : Well with that being said, there is still more to be coming your way as Jack Swagger will be competing, the Motor City Machine Guns will be competing, there is still one division that will be showcased and the official presentation of the five championships will be all tonight on this two hour pilot episode of Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road!

As the ring gets cleared for its next match, the camera cuts backstage to Tazz seeing Super Crazy being stretchered a local ambulance. Behind him is a younger man, who doesn't seem too happy.

Tazz : Yes, Dustin Hart, chairman of PC?

Dustin : I have a serious problem. This company isn't running on billions of dollars, and there goes another wrestler being put into the hospital. Are you kidding me?

Tazz stays silent.

Dustin : When I appointed you as general manager, I did it because I thought you would run this company efficiently. I just got off the phone with London's agent and he wants 3,000 in cash or they're walking.

Dustin paces back and forth angrily before cutting off what was going to be Tazz's turn to talk.

Dustin : Are you f*ckin' kidding me? That comes out of my pocket and who's going to want to join a promotion where wrestler's lives are being put on the line on their debut match?! Tazz, trust me, I would be the last to yell at you but this company isn't stacked on gold and thousands of dollars being thrown around isn't cool at all. I bet Crazy is going to want 750 or more. What did the doctors tell you?

Tazz : Minor concussion.

Dustin : Great. A last man standing tables, ladders and chairs match. That's just great you know. Awesome because now, I have to be up your *ss because you can't run your department? Listen Tazz, all I'm saying is this is strictly business. If anyone else gets injured, I'm taking it out of your salary.

Tazz : What the hell?! It's not in the contract that you can do that!

Dustin : [while walking away backwards] Sue me! Sue me then bitch!

Tazz : [holds up middle finger] Have a nice day boss.

You can hear a snicker from behind Tazz.

Tazz : What the hell you guys laughin' at?

The camera pans over to two Samoans hiding their laughs.

Tazz : That's it. Get your asses to the ring now.

The laughing duo would soon turn quiet and run towards the ring. The camera then pans away to a view of the top of the ramp. The duo would walk down the ramp and slide into the ring. They stand there confused and eventually a gothic-like bulky male walks down the ramp along with a vamparic male and two black muscular males.

Tazz : Jimmy and Jey Uso. Meet Gangrel, Kevin Thorn, Titus O'Neil and David Otunga.

These guys walk down the ring with Tazz in the center, each of these wrestler's then stand on a side of the squared-circle. Tazz then walks up the steel steps and enters the ring and the 4 men follow behind him.

Tazz : Fellas. You thought my boss reprimanding me was funny? Guess what? By policy, if one person from the television division is fighting, there must be a crowd picking the stipulation based off this card. [while taking out a pink card similar to the one used to determine the match for the television division then writes on it] Pick a letter and a single-digit number.

They look at each other and discuss things to quiet to be picked up by the microphone.

Jey Uso : Y.

Jimmy Uso : 0

Tazz : As you wish, who has Y0?!

Tazz gives the card to Otunga as he exits the ring. Eventually, they find a 30 year old looking red-headed pale woman with perky breasts and a tight tank top and a butterfly/tribal tattoo on her right sleeve with the identification “Y0”. After she examines the card, she has a decision.

Female : Well these are some [she coughs] tough choices but I pick A.

Tazz : Well let me see my card to see what punishment I will give these two.

Otunga hands him the card then slides into the ring. The duo look confused and anxious. Tazz seems to be neutral about the one picked.

Tazz : A 4 vs 2 elimination tornado escape challenge. Rules? Simple. These four guys are going to try to throw you both out the ring, if you are out of the ring, meaning both feet hit the floor, you are eliminated and vice versa. But I think we should add a stipulation to this.

Tazz pulls out a light blue card then exits the ring.

Tazz : M'am if you can pick A, B or C for me again that would be great.

Woman : Hmm. A again! [while laughing]

Tazz : Thank you for your time and thank you for picking High-Incident, which means tables will be placed all around the ring. Get thrown out? Get put through a table. Ring the bell and place the tables.

Match #4
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) vs. Gangrel, Kevin Thorn, David Otunga and Titus O'Neil
Handicap 2 v 4 High-Incident Elimination Escape Challenge

The Usos waste no time and try to focus on taking out one at the same time. Jimmy superkicks Gangrel who goes down. Jey superkicks Titus who falls down. They grab wrists and clotheslines Otunga and Thorn. They then try to keep them all down with stomps and kicks but Otunga hits a double spear. Jimmy holds his sides as Jey gets picked up by Kevin Thorn who lands an impressive pumphandle slam. Jimmy gets up and ducks a running boot from Otunga who boots the turnbuckle and nearly twists an ankle at the speed he was running. Kevin Thorn then picks up Jey and tries to throw him over the top rope but Jey hits a spinning forearm smash and Gangrel comes to the rescue but Jey rolls out of the way and clotheslines Thorn over the top rope and both land on a table. Jey smirks a little as the crowd cheers, seeing hope now that it is a fair match. Jimmy locks up with Titus but O'Neil gets the advantage and nearly splits the Uso in half with a backbreaker. Jey has his hands full with Otunga who whips him into the corner and hits a few gut punches, then a kick to the knee of Jey. Titus shouts some abuse at the crowd the places the Uso on the top rope, Titus goes to the second-rope and the Uso takes a few blows to the sides. While Titus may be setting up for a superplex, Jey tries to fight back by headbutting Otunga and slamming him furiously into the corner then unloads with lightning fast jabs to the head. Jey then takes a few steps back and connects a corner splash. Titus O'Neil gets a nasty elbow to the head and responds with an eye rake and an uppercut before locking in a superplex but Jimmy is fighting out of it and pushes O'Neil to the canvas. Feeling a sense of adrenaline, Jimmy rams his shoulder into the incoming Otunga and tries to bring him over the ropes.

Titus gets up and Jey turns him around and superkicks him in the gut then connects with an awesome uppercut. Jey tries to help Jimmy but during the midst of the ordeal Gangrel grabs Jimmy's arm and pulls on it until he falls to the floor but accidentally gets Otunga in the process. They start to nail the Usos until the Motor City Machine Guns run down the ramp and jump Gangrel and Thorn. As the 3 v 3 goes underway, Jey and Titus stare each other down. Titus and Jey lock up, Titus whips him to the ropes and connects a back body drop. O'Neil then looks at the 6 man brawl and takes his mind off of Jey. Chris Sabin hits a nasty super kick to Thorn and then distracts O'Neil by intimidating him. After turning his attention back to Jey who eventually gets to a vertical base, he superkicks Titus off of top ropes and out of the ring too.

Winner By Ring Out : Jimmy and Jey Usos (The Usos)

The Usos and the Motor City Machine Guns fight Gangrel, Titus, David and Thorn until Dustin comes out.

Dustin : Woah, woah, guys, guys, guys! I have a solution that you and I would walk away happy with. Alex and Chris Sabin will face Otunga and Titus next week along with the Usos facing Gangrel and Kevin Thorn.

The crowd buzzes at that idea.

Dustin : Everyone's happy now? Even though I have to do Tazz's job, it is fine. See you six next week.

The camera pans away to see the commentators.

Dumas : Up next, the other division in action!

Grisham : And after that we still have the official championship showcase, Swagger and MCMG in competition and the other division as we enter our second hour of PC Apex Road!

As the ring gets cleaned up, you can see the camera fading to two small men talking to Ms. Brooke.

Brooke : Hello PC watches, I hope you are having a great time experiencing the pilot two hour special and its time to speed things up by inviting these two to interview. These exciting prospects are Pac and Ricochet.

Pac and Ricochet high-five before speaking.

Pac : Jolly good the both of us are, but your timing is off.

Brooke : I'm sorry what?

Ricochet : Chick at 5:00.

Ricochet and Pac look at a female.

Brooke : [mumbles and walks away] Men.

Ricochet : Pac, you can have this one.

Pac : Ok, how do I look?

Ricochet : Like a douchebag but instead of wearing a tank top and shorts, you are shirtless and in wrestling gear.

Pac and Ricochet laugh as Pac goes up to the bombshell.

Pac : Well, look at you all pretty this fine Thorsda!

??? : This fine what?

Pac : This is thorsda reet?

??? : What? Do you mean to say thursday?

Pac : Aye, and I would like to take you on a date.

??? : [laughs] Who are you?

Pac : Name's Pac.

??? : Well “Pac” I'm Melina and I'm not dating nobodies. Cya.

As Melina walks away, Pac walks back over to Ricochet and they start laughing.

Ricochet : Thorsda? That's worse than Swagga's attempt.

As they laugh and walk away they bump into two more divas. One's book fell down and Pac picks it up.

Pac : Sorry ladies, who are you?

??? : I'm Zexuis and this is Pandora.

Pandora squeals hides shyly directly behind Zexuis who sighs.

Zexuis : No time to talk, I got a match up next.

Ricochet : Good luck out there.

As they walk away, the scene fades from Pac and Ricochet laughing again to Melina doing her trademark split into the ring as she gets ready for a tag team match-up.

“My Name Is Miss Goregeous”

An African, black-haired, stunningly gorgeous female appears on stage with her own paparazzi and poses for them as she struts down the ring with a microphone.

Miss Gorgeous : My name is Miss Gorgeous and they don't call me that for nothing.

She walks up the steel steps and enters the ring then poses on the ropes by putting one leg halfway on it and the other on the lower ropes as support while she fixes her hair and smiles for the camera. You can hear faint sounds of whistling.

Miss Gorgeous : Now, bring out the peasants.

“Faint By Linkin Park”

Grisham : Miss Gorgeous used to work for AWA, an African wrestling promotion, Pandora and Zexuis are rookie divas used to fight in a promotion called “ChickFight”.

Two young females who appear to be Pandora and Zexuis appear on stage. Pandora stands shyly and awkwardly as Zexuis grabs her hand and they walk down the ramp. Zexuis places her glasses on the announcer's desk and slides into the ring with Melina and Miss Gorgeous. The referee rings the bell and this match is underway.

Match #5
Zexuis and Pandora vs Melina and Miss Gorgeous
Tag Team

[justify]Zexuis and Miss Gorgeous start out first. Zexuis and Miss Gorgeous lock up until Miss Gorgeous gets a wrist lock which quickly transforms into a fireman's carry takedown. Gorgeous then runs to the ropes then executes an average senton. She picks up Zexuis and Irish whips her to the corner. Miss Gorgeous goes for a corner spear but Zexuis jumps to the top rope. While Gorgeous is bent over, Zexuis dives over her and connects a Sunset Flip for a quick pin. 1...2...No! Gorgeous kicks out and exits the ring. Zexuis crawls over to Pandora and tags her in. Pandora takes a few steps back and looks at the crowd. As Miss Gorgeous recovers on the crowd barrier, she looks at Pandora who is way more scared of Miss Gorgeous than Gorgeous is of her. She slides into the ring and stares at Pandora. Pandora stares up at her, knees shaking and overreacting to her debut match. Gorgeous raises her hand and backhands Pandora. Pandora stumbles back as Miss Gorgeous tags in Melina. Melina goes for a devastating Lou Thesz Press. She unloads punches on Pandora. Melina then gets up and picks her up too. The Paparazzi Princess whips Pandora in the corner and smirks. She poses for the crowd as they give heat. She then sets Pandora up for a rope-hung Boston crab but Pandora squirms out and kicks Melina's knee. As she goes down to hold her knee, Pandora sends Melina down to the canvas with a bulldog towards Zexuis. As Melina looks up in the air, Pandora tags Zexuis and she picks up Melina who is stunned and hits a cutter then rushes over to Miss Gorgeous and spears her off the mat. Zexuis goes to the top rope and performs a somersault leg drop. Zexuis pins Melina. 1...2...3![justify]

Winner By Pinfall : Zexuis and Pandora

Todd Grisham : Great win for Zexuis and Pandora but it's going to get better because they will be meeting alumni Natalya.

As soon as they win, they are confronted by Natalya. Seeing another WWE alumni and former champion, they see her as a privilege to see her and outstretch their hands. Natalya then kicks Zexuis and Pandora in the gut then sends Zexuis flying over the ropes and onto the floor. Pandora holds her gut and walks backwards, not wanting to deal with Natalya until a dark-skinned female slides into the ring and superkicks Natalya. As she is stunned, the bombshell tells Pandora to attack. Pandora lands another cutter! Zexuis is trading fists with Melina and Miss Gorgeous until Pandora goes for a plancha on Melina and the dark-skinned female dives through the ropes and collides with Miss Gorgeous. As the three get up, they absorb pop until it fades to another package.

Zooming out, a party is seen, generic jazz is playing, two guys and two girls can be seen in the background, wearing retro clothes until a huge, threatening man can be seen dancing until he rips off his clothes and flips the couch that the two guys and one girl was sitting on. As the other girl screams and runs away, the man begins to speak.

I'm Brodus Clay

He picks up the stereos and throws them against the wall.

I don't run on this disco crap.

He then turns and targets a guy, dazed on his back staring at the air. After picking him up, he throws him out of the window.

I run on my victim's, blood, sweat and tears.

The other guy runs away but Clay gets him by the arm.

Try to run and I'll catch you.

The guy tries to escape by squirming.

Try to escape and I'll break you.

Brodus Clay wrenches his arm behind his back.

Overestimate me and I'll prove you wrong.

Brodus then grabs the dude by his head and smashes it into a nearby lamp.

I will let my action next week speak for me. Next week. Meet Brodus Clay. The real one.
The scene fades to two guys laughing on a bench.

??? : John, I'm better looking.

??? : Cole, your wrong, I'm better looking.

Cole : John Morrision, you aren't better looking than me. I'm Adam Cole. I'm better looking, more athletic and the crowd loves me. Not you.

John Morrsion : That's where you are wrong. You aren't as athletic as me. Actually, wait.

Morrision gets up and walks over to another bombshell then they come back.

John Morrison : Britani Knight right?

The camera turns towards her.

Knight : Yeah?

Adam : Who's better looking? Me or gramps over here?

John : Gramps? I'm 33.

Adam : Yeah, ten years older than me.

Morrison : Who's better looking to you?

Britani : Ummm, Morrison?

Britani walks away, confused and not wanting to deal with the bickering between the two. As soon as Morrison smirks and looks back at Adam, he gets a super kick to the face and Morrison flies back on the bench like a ragdoll.

Cole : Congratulations.

Cole laughs and walks away as Tazz is in the middle of the ring with 10 guys including the Motor City Machine Guns. Not as happy as before, he has a microphone in his hand and begins to speak.

Tazz : I hope you all are enjoying the show.

The crowd cheers loudly.

Tazz : This next match will be a 10-Man battle royal and will determine the number one contender for the North American championship. This match will include Alex Shelley

Huge Pop

Chris Sabin

Huge Pop

Rhett Titus


Dragon Rojo Jr.


Sin Cara


Jushin Liger

Big Pop

Brad Maddox


Jinder Mahal


Kenny King


and BLK Jeez!

Pop as the referee rings the bell.

Match #6
Alex Shelley vs BLK Jeez vs Brad Maddox vs Chris Sabin vs Dragon Rojo Jr vs Jinder Mahal vs Jushin Liger vs Kenny King vs Rhett Titus vs Sin Cara
10-Man Over The Top Roe Battle Royal
Number One Contendership

Anarchy is unleashed. Shelley and Sabin fight off Rhett Titus and Kenny King, Jinder Mahal fights off Dragon Rojo Jr, Jushin Liger fights off Brad Maddox and Sin Cara fights off BLK Jeez. Brad Maddox kicks Liger on the thigh and Irish whips him into the corner. Sabin counters a punch by grabbing his wrist and connecting with an arm drag. Alex helps Sabin as they both send Kenny flying over the apron but he grabs onto the ropes for dear life. Sin Cara his punching BLK Jeez repeatedly then connects with a triple kick combo. Jinder Mahal connects a reverse STO to Dragon Rojo Jr. The camera cuts to Brad Maddox and Liger. Jushin executes a rana over the top rope to Maddox while he holds on and hangs onto the turnbuckle. Brad hits the ground with a thud.

Brad Maddox Eliminated #1

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are trading fists with Kenny King and Rhett Titus. Dragon Rojo Jr clotheslines Sabin by behind. Jinder Mahal uppercuts BLK Jeez while Jushin Liger is resting in the corner. Sin Cara sees him and lands one of the most stiff turnbuckle dropkick. Rhett Titus throws Shelley over the top rope and struggles to throw him to the ground. Sin Cara picks up Liger and throws him back into the corner for a ten punch combo. Jinder connects a few more blows to the head and then throws BLK over the top rope but he holds onto the top rope as Jinder tries to push him off. Dragon Rojo Jr gets a suprize enzuigiri from Sabin. As Shelley is helped by his partner, Kenny King tries to throw Sabin out of the ring with a clothesline but King ducks and hits Jinder Mahal and BLK Jeez flies out of the ring and at the same time Sin Cara dropkicks Jushin Liger, who was on the ring apron to the ring floor.

BLK Jeez Eliminated #2
Jushin Liger Eliminated #3

Jinder turns around at Sabin and pushes him to the floor and promptly after gets superkicked in the head. Dragon Rojo Jr. recovers from the huge enzuigiri and goes after Cara along with Mahal but Cara ducks and Rojo Jr. goes over the ropes with no say but takes Mahal with him as he grabs his wrist with Sin Cara's aid.

Dragon Rojo Jr. Eliminated #4
Jinder Mahal Eliminated #5

Sin Cara gets up and looks over at the Motor City Machine Guns. They look over at Kenny King and Rhett Titus who looks at Sin Cara. The final five. The MCMG directly goes for Rhett Titus who was off-guard.

Rhett Titus Eliminated #6

Alex goes after Sin Cara, Sabin goes after Kenny who he already has heat with. Shelley gut punches Cara and tries to keep him grounded with punches and holds. Kenny and Sabin trade punches. Although the MCMG are still in this together, only one would win. Sin Cara gets thrown into the corner Chris Sabin and Kenny King are fighting in and bumps into Kenny making him fall. Sabin takes a few steps back and hits a running arched boot at Cara while Shelley hits Cara with an enzuigiri. While Cara slumps down in the corner, Kenny tries to sneak up and throw Shelley out but Sabin turns around and sees and consequently Sabin blocks Kenny with a super kick. While stunned Sabin throws Kenny out and after that Shelley throws Sabin out! Sabin looks shocked at Shelley who is telling him it was either “me or you”. In the commotion, Sin Cara gets up and lifts Shelley off the ground and over the ropes and he hits the floor.

Kenny King Eliminated #7
Chris Sabin Eliminated #8
Alex Shelley Eliminated #9

Winner By Elimination : Sin Cara

Amy Dumas : Welcome to Apex Road Sin Cara where anything can happen.

Todd Grisham : New number one contender. I wonder who he will face at All Out Assault.

Amy Dumas : Don't blink because the next match will be going on and one of the opponents will be Swagger. Our Main Event!

Todd Grisham : Plus the showcase of all five championships.

Amy Dumas : All on the 2 hour pilot show of Apex Road!

The scene fades to a video package of a Korean male in the ring with another wrestler and he's performing a cross body.

I'm Kytakauki

He is then seen landing multiple kicks to various seated males, respectively in their own videos.

I'm a 19 Korean rookie.

He is seen yelling as his face paint (tribute to Hawk's) is sweated off.

I'm not only learning the ropes.

He is seen easily performing a 450 splash.

I'm learning from the professionals.

As Jushin Liger performs a shooting star press, Kytakauki performs a shooting star leg drop.

I know people will underestimate.

He is seen connecting two running clotheslines followed by a springboard moonsault.

But I will be the breakout star.

Kytakauki is seen hitting a high kick to Joey LeBell. Then he is seen in front of two males who don't have the spotlight on them. As the spotlight moves, another male is seen, an English male with a 5 o'clock shadow and dark-blonde hair.

Name's Chris. Chris Rayne.

He is seen on top of someone hitting bare knuckle punches.

I'm 23 years old and learning the ropes.

He is then seen doing 3 consecutive German suplexes on Kytakauki.

My distant sister is the well-known Madison. Madison Rayne.

She is seen in his corner talking to him before one of his development matches.

Not only will I demolish Pinnacle Wrestling.

He is seen doing a fist drop to someone from across the canvas while his pro, Brodus Clay watches.

But I will be the breakout star.

Chris Rayne is seen doing a rope-hung DDT. Then like the scene previously seen, the spotlight moves to the third guy. A familiar blonde.

My name's Joey LeBell.

He is seen doing a ropewalk brain chop.

I'm 18 years young and perfect.

He is then seen easily dominating Chris Rayne with high kicks to the head.

Oh, and a rookie.

LeBell is seen performing

Yeah, I am learning by experience and the professionals

LeBell is then seen with Jack Swagger. Swagger goes for the gutwrench powerbomb on another wrestler as LeBell jumps off the turnbuckle and Swagger and LeBell flatten this guy with a powerbomb and cross-body combination.

I know you heard the crap from the others and they will let you down because...

Joey LeBell is seen doing a superplex to another.

But I will be the breakout star!

The scene changes at they all look at each other then they start to argue about who the star will be as the camera pans up to a logo “The Settlement TBA in April”
The scene fades to Susan Brooke.

Brooke : Hello! Hello! Hello Pinnacle Combat. I'm here with the three-man wrecking machine, Yoshi Tatsu, Goto and KENTA.

They each nod at her.

Brooke : Is there any spokesmen or-


Brooke : ...okay...well...Would you like to shed some light on the barbarous 3 on 1 ambush on London?

KENTA : Simple. Nothing against London. He was the example. If it was Swagger, Swagger would be in the hospital. If it was Carlito, Carlito would be bloodied in the hospital. If it was Tazz himself, he'd be in London's shoes but they weren't. It was London who was the example and he knew what he signed up for. This isn't your baby wrestling. This is the era of Shinjiketo! This is the end of your interview time with us.

Tatsu : Have a decent day.

As they nod and leave, the scene fades to Tazz in the ring with five columns each hidden with a black blanket.

Tazz : Today, you've seen 39 of our 40 wrestlers and this is for a reason. The last wrestler called me as soon as I opened this business. He isn't as fast as Sin Cara, or as powerful as David Otunga, or as technically-gifted as KENTA but the man takes risks. The man has heart. The man is-

“Check 1, 2!”

Swagger is seen bursting through the curtain cutting the General Manager off. Knowing he isn't the 40th superstar. Jack marches down the ramp then slides into the ring. As he does push-ups, Tazz begins the speak.

Tazz : You done?

He gets up and is handed a microphone.

Swagger : I want a Pinnacle Championship match.

Tazz : And I want a more lenient boss. So what?

Swagger : In my contract, I was guaranteed a title shot.

Tazz : So? I have your ass for 5 years.

The crowd pops sensing the heat.

Tazz : As I was saying, now that I was interrupted, change of plans. You see, under these five blankets hold physical evidence that out of the other 39 superstars, you are considered the best in your category.

He walks a while before reaching the first pillar.

Tazz : Ladies, if you think your good, this will make you great.

He takes off the first blanket and they see the Bombshell Championship: A silver and pink plate with two purple abstract diva outlines and a huge “BOMBSHELL” letters in gold with “champion of the world” letters in gold but smaller and under the “Bombshell” lettering alongside two smaller plates. Tazz then walks to the next column.

Tazz : David Otunga, Joey LeBell, Super Crazy, Titus O'Neal, Adam Cole, John Morrision and Brodus Clay. You seven signed up for the Television division but only one of you will be putting this championship around your shoulder or waist.

He takes off the blanket to reveal the Television Championship: A blue belt with a black gold plate of abstract designs with gold lettering, “Television” and “Champion” under it in smaller letters. The side plates have television graphics on top in gold plating. Tazz walks towards the largest column in the middle.

Tazz : Of all the tag teams, only one will need this to prove that they are the best.

He takes off the blanket and reveals two identical Tag Team Championships: A white plate with a gold plating, under the plating is a graphic of the world and gold lettering over the graphic which reads “Tag Team Championship” and there is twin side plates on either sides. Tazz walks towards the next column.

Tazz : This is up for grabs for anyone...but they have to defeat Sin Cara!

Tazz then reveals the North American title: A black belt with silver plating with a gold border and in the middle is a spinning American flag design. In front of the design says “North American” and in smaller letters “champion of the world”, all in gold lettering with a side plate on either side. Tazz then walks to the final column.

Swagger : Those championships are good. I know I will be getting them all except the Diva's of course.

Tazz : This championship lives up to its name. It is the most prestigious. It is the highest in honor. If you have this belt, you live up to its name. Ladies and gentleman, give it up for the Pinnacle Championship!

As the blanket glides over the column, a slick-black belt with silver and gold plating, the words “PC” on top, “Pinnacle” in the middle, overlapping the design to the point where its length reaches the horizontal boundaries of the main plate and “Championship” on the bottom. It sparkles with the spotlight, as the twin side plates gleam one set gold and the outside secondary plates are silver. Swagger can't believe his eyes as he has his eyes glued on the championship. The columns and championships are promptly taken out.

Tazz : You're main event match is for the number one contendership. Jack Swagger versus...

“Oh Yeah!”

A familiar North Carolina-native runs down the ramp with a referee as he orders the match to start before the wrestler is in the ring.

Tazz : Matt Hardy! In a No-Disqualification match!

Tazz exits the ring as the main event commences.

Main Event/Match #7
Jack Swagger vs Matt Hardy
No Disqualification Match
Number One Contendership Match

Matt Hardy spears Swagger to the ground and unloads surprise punches to the vulnerable Swagger to turns it around on Hardy and hits a few strong jabs to the head of Hardy then gets up. As Hardy scrambles himself up, he walks into a stiff haymaker followed by a belly to belly suplex. Knowing Hardy can take punishment, Matt gets up again, slower but successfully, leaning in the corner. Swagger connects a corner clothesline which damages Hardy further. Jack then Irish whips Matt Hardy into the other corner and goes for a splash but Hardy lands a massive dropkick. Swagger goes to the ground as Hardy tries to take it to the skies by going to the second rope. He poses for the crowd while screaming through the adrenaline and lands an awe-inspiring leg drop. Matt then leaves the ring and grabs a microphone and then slides into the ring, Swagger grabs Hardy's leg only to get a face-full of microphone which almost busts open Swagger. Hardy then rolls Swagger on his back and sits on him and jabs the back of his neck with the microphone then throws the microphone away. Taking out his pure insanely aggressive and bold energy, he picks up Swagger and throws him onto the apron. Hardy then slides out of the ring and takes apart the ring steps then places them side by side Swagger. Matt then gets on the apron and Swagger decides to show life and lands some weak jabs to the face. Hardy then knees Swagger in the gut then elbow Swagger in the face. The crowd is on their feet as Hardy kicks Swagger in the gut and locks in a facelock then flies off the apron with a Twist Of Fate onto the steel steps!

Both of these guys are out of it and a bloodied mess. The crowd is on their feet with a massive pop as they chant Hardy. The referees, the commentators, and even Tazz did not expect this and the ref checks both of these guys. 1! Hardy shows signs of live even if the blow to the back of the head could have not only ended his career but his life. 2! The referee wants to see someone on their feet. 3! Swagger shows life as Hardy uses the ring apron to pull himself up. 4! Hardy is leaning on the apron as Jack Swagger spits out blood and begins to get up.

5! You can hear him saying “Future Champion”. 6! Matt Hardy is on one knee and across the steel steps is Swagger just getting to one knee. 7! They stare at each other, knowing that this could be the beginning of the match of the evening. 8! Hardy tries to get to a full vertical base and Swagger uses the steps to pull himself up. 9!

Hardy is trying to get up and Swagger is barely getting to a full upright position! Te-no! The referee does not call for the bell as Hardy is on his feet and Swagger is on his feet. Swagger flips the steel steps onto Hardy but Matt brushes it off and tackles Swagger into the ring post. Hardy hits gut punches, leaving his back exposed to Swagger's punches. Jack then gets out of his cornered position by finally prying the wildly swinging Matt Hardy off of him. He then sends the skull of Hardy into the ringpost. Hardy goes to the ground like a ragdoll as Swagger screams at the commentators to move. Swagger wants to win this by beating Hardy within an inch of his life and not only did the crowd know it but Tazz knew it. Amy and Todd move out the way as the crimson-masked Swagger clears off the announcer's table and Hardy is still on the ground. Swagger scrapes Hardy off of the ground and drags him near the announcer's table. He clutches Swagger in gutwrench powerbomb position. Hardy grabs Swagger's leg and Swagger then goes to pound the back of Hardy again but due to the announcer's table being on the left side of the bottom of the ramp the steel steps are behind Swagger and are used after Hardy trips Swagger onto the bottom of the steel steps and begins punching him. Out of nowhere, Goto, Tatsu and KENTA jump over the ramp and pry Hardy off of Swagger and they all, in unison, wear down Matt Hardy with punches and kicks. KENTA then tells Tastu and Goto to hold the bloody Hardy. KENTA then goes for a high single-knee strike to the head but Hardy moves out the way and Swagger gets nailed with the dangerous knee. The camera swings over to the ramp and Paul London and The Usos are running down the ramp. Paul London tackles KENTA down while Jey and Jimmy deal with Tatsu and Goto. Matt Hardy then throws Swagger on top of the table and looks at Swagger and gets on the table too. Paul London gets up and grabs a chair from under the ring. He then jabs KENTA in the gut while Jimmy and Jey are trading punches up the ramp with Tatsu and Goto. Hardy has Swagger where he wants him and lands a Twist Of Fate off the announcer's table! Hardy then pins Swagger. The referee counts. 1! 2! 3!

Winner By Pinfall : Matt Hardy

Tazz : Restrain them all! Restrain them all!

Enough officials get Tatsu, Goto, The Usos, London and KENTA while the medical staff stretcher Hardy and Swagger up the ramp.

Tazz : That's enough! Next week, a main event rematch between KENTA and London and these little groups you guys are forming are banned from ringside!

The crowd pops huge.

Tazz : Hardy you are number one contender. Swagger you didn't live to your word. Back of the line!

Dustin is then seen at the top of the ramp.

Dustin : Woah Tazz, the Board Of Directors do not like your decision. Now, a better idea is since all out assault is coming up, have a six-man tag team elimination and next week instead of Swagger being at the back of the line and KENTA and Paul London, lets have another number one contendership match. KENTA vs JTG vs London vs Swagger! Now who likes this?!

The crowd pops loud as the wrestlers are dragged backstage and Dustin and Tazz eye each other.

Dustin : Welcome to Pinnacle Combat!

The scene fades to black.


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