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Re: Should WWE bring back King Of The Ring PPV?

The concept of tournaments in pro wrestling has always been a fantastic way to build stars in my opinion as it gives WWE a real sports-like feel that by design, pulls viewers in due to the unpredictable nature and different outcomes that the format offers. As in all major sports, tournaments determine which team or individual is the best through the grueling process of advancing through all qualified competitors. The winner of the tournament is the one who showed the most consistency, will power and ability to win...and those qualities are something that have been forgotten in today's WWE.

There are favorites and underdogs, and each match up presents a unique story line of its own. Just look at the upcoming NFL playoffs; the wild card rounds are producing match ups like the Redskins versus the Seahawks pitting two rookie QBs who have taken the league by storm. One of them must win, and will advance to further build the storied start to their rookie season, and ultimately their likely successful NFL career. Or look at the Bengals versus the Texans - two teams that met under the same circumstances last year in the wild card round, except this time the Bengals young QB/WR due have another year experience under their belt, the defense is playing out of their minds, and they have won 7 out of their last 8 games. The Texans who were heavily favored in last year's meeting have been skidding the tail end of the season and may very well be overtaken by the Bengals. What I'm trying to get at here is that the match ups in tournaments tell their own stories and WWE doesn't need to try and grind out forced stories because the tournament itself will help in doing that.

The King of the Ring was truly one of my favorite things in WWE, as it built a star through the simple progression of racking up wins...you remember wins? Those thing that don't seem to mean anything in today's WWE...

Money in the Bank was the replacement for the King of the Ring tournament that WWE came up with as a way to give a superstar that "next step". However, while Money in the Bank still has its intrigue, it often times fails to build stars, usually hot shotting an under card talent to the top via a simple cash in. While it can work sometimes, it loses it's magic over time and really is a method more conducive of a heel character. However, through the tournament approach, said superstar gains credibility throughout the tournament - heel or face - by advancing and showing the ability to string wins together and "earn" their shot (whether it be by fair, by the books methods, or by cheating).

The best format of the King of the Ring tournament was when the winner gained a title shot at Summerslam which really gave an extra something to look forward in the summer months. I would love if WWE brought back the tournament and used it to build stars, as I think it would really help them develop the guys who I know they want to get to the next level, but just can't seem to figure out how.

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