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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

WWF Monday Night Raw | March 13 | 1995

The Raw video package plays and Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show. Jerry Lawler will now be taking over permanent announcing duties on Raw while Jim Cornette focuses on his team's quest for the tag team gold. Tonight Bret Hart and Razor Ramon will be the special guests on The King's Court. Plus The Undertaker runs The Million Dollar Gaunlet. but first off we're kicking Raw off with two tremendous wrestlers going against each other as The 123 Kid takes on Shawn Michaels. This is what the new generation is all about and speaking of the new generation, we're going to see the debut tonight of a man who claims to be the future of the WWF, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Footage was shown from a live event last night when Helmsley was in attendance watching the action as Tatanka was in a match. Hunter Hearst Helmsley was not impressed at all with Tatanka and following the match Tatanka was exchanging some words with Helmsley. Jerry Lawler thinks that was completely disrespectful from Tatanka. Hunter was there to see the action, to scout his future opponents and Tatanka did not make him feel welcome at all. Well tonight Hunter will be making his debut and Lawler thinks Helmsley's much more talented than Tatanka. Vince says we'll see about that.

Match 1 | Shawn Michaels vs The 123 Kid
The 123 Kid's music hits as he made his way down to the ring to a great ovation. Shawn Michaels then made his way down with Sid. This should be an unbelievable match up. The match begins with Shawn telling The Kid he's going to make an example out of him. Lock up and Michaels with a side headlock, Michaels sends The Kid to the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. They lock up again and Michaels sends Kid to the ropes, leapfrog by The Kid, leapfrog by Michaels and Kid takes Michaels down with a monkey flip. 123 Kid follows up with an arm drag and then a dropkick and gets a 2 count. Michaels then reverses an irish whip and goes for a back body drop but Kid lands on his feet. Kid with some martial arts kicks, Michaels ducks a roundhouse kick but Kid uses his other foot to knock Michaels down with a roundhouse kick. Kid with a dropkick sends Michaels to the floor but no Michaels hangs on and Kid knocks Michaels down with a roundhouse kick. 123 Kid comes off the ropes and hits a plancha on Michaels. The crowd really into this match already. The Kid is all over Michaels here at the start. Sid helps Michaels back up as Michaels got back in and The Kid whips Michaels into the turnbuckle and comes charging in for a dropkick but Michaels moves as Kid gets crotched on the ropes. Michaels now puts the boots to The Kid. Michaels rams The Kid's head into the turnbuckle and then works over him in the corner. Michaels sends The Kid to the corner, Kid puts the breaks on with a leapfrog and Kid with a springboard crossbody on Michaels and got a 2 count. The 123 Kid takes Michaels down with a headlock, Michaels begins to get back to his feet and breaks out of the hold with a back suplex.

Michaels then punishes the Kid and hits a backbreaker for a 2 count. Michaels ties The Kid up in the ropes and delivers a few shots to the chest and the referee unties The Kid. Michaels with a piledriver and got a near fall. Shawn then sends The Kid to the floor and then distracts the ref. Sid gets some cheapshots on The Kid and picks The Kid up and rams him into the apron. The referee notices Sid sending The Kid back in and Sid tells the ref he was only helping him back in but the ref is having none of it and sends Sid to the back and Sid is irate. Sid's gotta leave and Sid leaves. Michaels stomps away at The Kid. Michaels tries a german suplex, Kid counters and hits a german suplex and got a 2 count. The 123 Kid goes up top and hits a moonsault and gets a near fall. So close. The Kid now sends Michaels to the ropes looking for a dropkick but Michaels holds on to the ropes and goes back in control. Michaels takes The Kid up top looking for a top rope superplex but Kid blocks and sends Michaels face first down to the mat. The Kid hits a missile dropkick off the top rope, he goes for the cover and gets a near fall. What a match up this has been. Michaels then reversed an irish whip and sends The Kid to the turnbuckle with authority. Michaels connects with a swinging neckbreaker and got a 2 count. Michaels with a backbreaker and keeps The Kid on his knee for a submission hold on the back.

The fans start a 123 chant to get behind The Kid. The Kid with a handful of Michaels hair and punches his way out of it. Michaels got back up first and sends The Kid to the ropes and Kid nails Michaels with a spinning heel kick and both men are down. The Kid recovers first and sends Michaels to the ropes and tries a hiptoss but Michaels counters into a backslide and gets a 2 count. Michaels then levels The Kid with a clothesline. Michaels taking his time, look at the arragonce. Michaels mocks Diesel's taunt and it looks like he's going to jackknife The Kid. Wait a minute Diesel makes his way down and stands near ringside. Michaels turns his attention on Diesel. Michaels better focus on The Kid and not Diesel. Michaels tries bringing The Kid back to his feet but The Kid gets an inside cradle, 1, 2, 3. He got him. What an upset from The Kid and the crowd is going nuts. Michaels can't believe it as The 123 Kid goes outside and celebrates his win with the fans and then high fives Diesel. Michaels is throwing a tantrum in the ring and Diesel taunts Michaels. Vince then mentions that we have a new announcer in the WWF and her name is Sunny as she will be bringing us the WrestleMania report.
Winner: The 123 Kid

WrestleMania Report with Sunny. Sunny's sitting in the studio as she introduces herself and she's looking forward to her first WrestleMania. She's going to be conducting interviews backstage and she can't wait for WrestleMania. Sunny then runs down the card for WrestleMania. We hear pre-recorded comments from Razor Ramon along with Pamela Anderson. Razor Ramon talks about his success at WrestleMania. He made an impact at his first WrestleMania at Caesar's Palace. Then last year, he made history when he defeated the boy toy, Shawn Michaels in a ladder match. At the Rumble, he beat Shawn to win the Rumble match. This meant that Pamela Anderson will be escorting him down the aisle at WrestleMania. At Saturday Night's Main Event, The Bad Guy made sure he's going to headline WrestleMania. Pamela says she's looking forward to accompanying Razor down to ringside at WrestleMania, he is oozing machismo. Razor has a smile on his face and puts his arms around Pamela and says this is the life. The bad guys' got the looks, the lady and soon.... (Pamela puts her arms around Razor's waist) he's going to have the big gold around his waist. Sunny then takes us back to ringside and it's now time to see another new face in the WWF and that's Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Match 2 | Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Barry Horowitz
Jerry Lawler already seems to like Sunny and hopes to see more of her. Here comes Hunter Hearst Helmsley who's a newcomer here in the WWF. He hails from Greenwich, Connecticut. For the past two weeks we've been seeing Helmsley running down several superstars and we saw him last night at a live event when he was in attendance watching the action here in the WWF. Helmsley vows to become a star here in the WWF. Right now is the first time we'll get to see Helmsley in the ring. Lawler talks about how Helmsley's had nothing but the best all his life. He been trained by the best and he's a very good wrestler and all his life he's been nothing but the best. Look at the arragonce of Helmlsey who's got his nose that far up in the air, look at the aristocratic attitude here from Helmsley. He's been claiming that he's going to bring class and civility here to the WWF. Lets see what Hunter has to bring to the table. He's up against the veteran Barry Horowitz but Lawler makes fun of Horowitz who's never won a match here in the WWF. Vince says could Horowitz win his first match tonight against Helmsley in Helmsley's first match. What an upset that would be. Anything can happen here in the WWF. Helmsley locks up and gets a wrist lock on Horowitz. Horowitz counters and Helmsley rolls away from the pressure and then puts a headlock on Horowitz. Hunter sends Barry opponent to the ropes and hits a dropkick. Helmsley delivers a european uppercut and then takes Barry to the corner and slaps him. Helmsley with a series of european uppercuts in the corner.

Helmsley in control here sends Horowitz to the corner and delivers a clothesline. Helmsley with a snapmare and then stomps away on Horowitz, what a vicious individual Helmsley is. Horowitz then ducks a clothesline off the ropes and hits a dropkick and follows up with a back bodydrop. Welcome to the WWF Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Helmsley reverses an irish whip and catches Horowitz with a spinning heel kick. Helmsley takes a bow and gets booed. Helmsley then hits a three quarter facelook by dropping Horowitz to the mat. Now that was impressive. He went for the pin and lets go at the 2 count. Look at the arragonce of this man but could this be a major rookie mistake by Helmsley. Lawler says he's not done yet. What's this now, Helmsley then places Horowitz's head between his legs and applies a double underhook facebuster by realising Barry's arm and drives him down to the mat. What a devastating move. Lawler says Helmsley calls this the pedigree. Helmsley went for the pin and got the 3 count. A very easy victory here for Helmsley, an impressive athlete and we'll be seeing a lot more of Helmsley in upcoming weeks. Speaking of newcomers, Savio Vega who made his debut on Superstars this past Saturday, we'll see Savio making his Raw debut next week.
Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

As Helmsley celebrates outside the ring, Jerry Lawler interviews him. Lawler welcomes him to the WWF, he is so impressed and he believes Helmsley will certainly become a big star here in the WWF. The future is bright for Hunter Hearst Helmsley, infact Helmsley is a lot like him. Helmsey thanks Lawler and hopes that he gets better competition than this. Helmsley brags about how great of a star he will become, he just made an impact and there is so much more to come from him. He vows to be undefeated for a very long time. That was just the start, what Hunter Hearst Helmsley wants, he gets. Tatanka comes out and he doesn't appreciate the comments Helmsley made about him and several other superstars over the past two weeks. Even last night Helmsley was very disrespecful during Tatanka's match. Lawler cuts Tatanka off and tells him come on this is Hunter's first match, show some respect. Tatanka can learn a lot from Helmsley because Helmsley's come here to teach people about class and civility. Helmsley thinks Tatanka does not have these qualities and Tatanka is simply beneath him. Helmsley holds his nose up high and starts walking off. Look at the arragonce of this man. Tatanka tells Lawler soon he's going to show this rich snob what the WWF is all about. Helmsley stands near the entranceway and then takes a bow to taunt Tatanka.

Match 3 | The Million Dollar Gaunlet | The Undertaker vs IRS
The Million Dollar Corporation come down to the ring with their manager Ted Dibiase. The Undertaker then made his entrance. IRS will be starting it off with The Undertaker so the referee wants the rest of the corporation members to make their way to the back. Bam Bam is taunting The Undertaker while he is leaving with Bundy and Luger. IRS attacks Undertaker from behind and the bell rings. IRS with some right hands to The Undertaker but Undertaker grabs IRS by the throat and throws him in the corner. Undertaker chokes IRS and then whips him into the opposite turnbuckle with authority. Undertaker misses an elbow drop and then IRS put the boots on The Undertaker. IRS gets a headlock on The Undertaker, Undertaker powers out of it and drops IRS with a back suplex. Undertaker sends IRS to the ropes and nails him with a throat thrust as IRS rolls out of the ring. Undertaker follows and IRS got back in first and when Undertaker got back in IRS stomps away on him. Undertaker reverses an irish whip, IRS ducks a clothesline as he comes off the ropes and Undertaker catches him with a big boot. Undertaker grabs IRS by the throat and hits a chokeslam. He went for the pin and Dibiase put Irwin's foot on the ropes and the ref didn't see it. Undertaker goes outside and stalks Dibiase. IRS gets on the apron and nails Undertaker with a double axe handle. He sends Undertaker back in. Undertaker reversed a whip and hits the diving clothesline. Undertaker scoops IRS up and drops him with the tombstone and gets the 3 count. 1 down, 2 to go.

The Million Dollar Gaunlet | The Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy
Ted Dibiase calls for the next Corporation to come down and it's King Kong Bundy. Dibiase having words with Bundy, Undertaker beat Bundy two weeks ago and Dibiase wants Bundy to punish The Undertaker. Bundy hit the ring and got into a slugfest with The Undertaker, Bundy hits a headbutt and then whips Undertaker to the corner. Bundy with another irish whip sending Undertaker into the other corner. Bundy crushes The Undertaker with the avalanche. He whips him to the opposite corner and tries it again but Undertaker avoids it. Undertaker off the ropes tries a clothesline on Bundy but Bundy doesn't go down. Undertaker tries again and this time he knocks Bundy down. Undertaker does the rope walk and nails Bundy with a right hand across the neck. Undertaker signals for a chokeslam and wait a minute Dibiase calls for help. Undertaker then hits the chokeslam and pins Bundy for the 3 count. 2 down 1 to go as Undertaker manages to finish off Bundy very quickly. As soon as Undertaker got back up, he gets ambushed by Doink and Papa Shango. They're not even in this match. Dibiase is laughing. Undertaker tries fighting back but Shango nails Undertaker with the voodoo stick right in the gut. Shango scoops Undertaker up for a piledriver as Doink went up on the second rope and they hit a spike piledriver. Shango and Doink leave to huge heat and the damage has been done as Lex Luger slowly walks down to the ring taking his time. Luger will be the third and final Corporation member to run the gaunlet and Dibiase wants the ref to ring the bell. What more does Undertaker have left in him.

The Million Dollar Gaunlet | The Undertaker vs Lex Luger
Lex Luger got in the ring and stomps away on The Undertaker. Luger then delivers a suplex and Undertaker kicks out at 2. Luger taking it to The Undertaker. Undertaker avoids a corner charge from Luger and then Undertaker does the rope walk and nails Luger across the back of the neck. Undertaker chokes Luger in the corner, Bam Bam made his way down to watch the action. Undertaker then hits a chokeslam on Luger but Dibiase got on the apron to distract The Undertaker. The ref warns Dibiase to get off the apron, Bam Bam got on the other apron but he's got the urn behind his hand. Undertaker tries getting his hands on Bam Bam but Bam Bam cracks The Undertaker across the skull with the urn. Bigelow removes the evidence and Luger goes for the cover and got the 3 count to win the match. Luger has a smile on his face as Luger celebrates with Bam Bam and Dibiase. This just proved to be too much for The Undertaker. He wasn't just up against 3 men, he had to also deal with Dibiase, Bam Bam, Doink and Papa Shango. What a miscarriage of justice this is and Bigelow, Dibiase and Luger celebrate up the entranceway as Paul Bearer checks on The Undertaker. You can bet The Undertaker will get his payback at some point. Undertaker's facing Bam Bam at WrestleMania but after what we saw right now, you can expect the entire Corporation being involved along with Doink and Papa Shango. President Jack Tunney needs to do something about this.
Winner: Lex Luger

Backstage Shawn Michaels and Sid are angry over what went down earlier in Shawn's match. Shawn thinks Diesel is a coward, being big doesn't make Diesel the wrestler of the 90s. Michaels claims that he's far beyond everybody in the WWF and that's not gonna change. Sid then challenges Diesel to a match next week and Sid vows to crush Diesel.

The King's Court | Special Guests Bret Hart and Razor Ramon
Jerry Lawler is in the ring and The King's Court is set up. Lawler is running down the fans and at WrestleMania the crowd will be split. They're going to have a tough time deciding who to root for when two men that he hates face each other at WrestleMania. One man thinks he's the bad guy, mr machismo, the man that should have never won the Royal Rumble, Razor Ramon. Razor came out to a huge ovation. Razor stares Lawler down and throws his tooth pick in Lawler's face and Razor warns Lawler not to try to get funny with him. Lawler's already getting annoyed. Lawler tells Razor he's not here to pick a fight, he's here to do an interview. Then Lawler starts bragging about how he's humiliated Bret over the last two years. Lawler then calls out Bret Hart who comes out to a huge ovation. Lawler is not pleased with the ovation the Hitman received and he wants Bret's music to be cut and Lawler starts getting down to the point. Lawler really can't believe why these moron fans want to see Bret Hart vs Razor Ramon at WrestleMania. He calls Razor a thug and he doesn't deserve to be representing the WWF as the WWF Champion. As for Bret Hart, he shouldn't be the champion, that belt should have been Owen's. Lawler talks about how both men have some sort of respect for each other but he thinks it's bogus and it's just to fool all these moron fans. Deep down Bret and Razor both hate each other and Lawler actually hopes that they both tear each other apart at WrestleMania. Bret cuts Lawler off and he knows what Lawler is up to, he knows the type of games Lawler is playing trying to get Bret and Razor to go against each other.

Lawler then stirs up trouble and brings up comments that Razor made about Bret's family two years ago to wind Bret up. He then winds Razor up that Bret beat him twice and since then Razor has never recovered. The last time they faced each other was at the King of the Ring two years ago. Bret beat Razor in the opening match and Bret went on to win the tournament but we all know what happened at the end when Bret got crowned by yours truly hahahaha. Lawler laughs. Bret tells King he's that close to knocking him out so King shuts up. Bret challenges Lawler to a match this week on Superstars. Razor tells Bret that he's a great champion, one of the best but it's time for the torch to be passed. Now it's the bad guy's time to step up the ladder. Just like he climbed the ladder to success at WrestleMania last year, this time he's going for the big one and come WrestleMania, he's taking The Hitman's title. Bret responds back by telling Razor how he walked The Razor's Edge before and made Razor submit. When they meet again, Razor will find out just like everyone else why The Hitman is the best there is, the best there was and the best there.... Razor takes the mic off Bret and wait a minute both men having a staredown. King chimes in and asks why make these people wait till WrestleMania when we can see a good fight right now. Come on tear each other apart, we all want to see it. Bret knows Lawler's stirring up trouble so he turns his attention on Lawler and grabs Lawler by the jacket. Bret goes for a right hand and King ducks and Bret nails Razor with a right hand. Razor got back up and shoves Bret, Bret shoves him back and Razor nails Bret with a right hand. Bret tackles Razor down and they start brawling. Lawler rolls out of the ring and Lawler's smiling as officials run down to break it up, both men being pulled apart by the referees. Look at what the King has done. Bret and Razor notice Lawler laughing and he's got a big grin on his face as Raw goes off the air.

WWF Superstars | March 18 | 1995

Hakushi defeated Bart Gunn. During the match it was announced that Yokozuna will be facing Billy Gunn this coming Monday on Raw.

The Headshrinkers vs Doink and Papa Shango ended in a double count out. Both teams ended up brawling near the entrance way until officials came out to seperate both teams.

Owen Hart defeated a jobber. Following the match Bob Backlund appears on the screen and he's standing along with some local jobber in the locker room. He made a bet with this guy that the guy won't be able to escape the crossface chickenwing. Backlund tells Owen there is no escape from the crossface chickenwing and Owen will be screaming in pain and he's going to show Owen a demonstration that there is no escape. This will be Owen Hart at WrestleMania. Backlund asks the local jobber if he can try to get out of the hold and the guy thinks he can do it. Backlund puts the chickenwing quickly on him and the guy immediately gives up. He wants Backlund to let go, Backlund is screaming Owen's name and yells come on Owen give up, come on give up. Backlund has lost it. Backlund yells am i going to retire and the guy screams Noooo. Finally he lets go and says ladies and gentleman the winner and new Intercontinental Champion, Mr Bob Backlund. Owen is disgusted and the crowd gives Backlund a great ovation.

Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler. Razor Ramon comes out at the end of the match and stands near ringside to stare down Bret. Bret holds up the WWF Title taunting Ramon.

Also on the show Vince McMahon conducts an Interview with President Jack Tunney. Vince discussed The Million Dollar Gaunlet on Monday Night Raw. The Undertaker will get his chance to get his revenge on Bam Bam at WrestleMania but you can certainly expect the same people who interfered in the gaunlet to be involved in Undertaker's match at WrestleMania. How can Jack Tunney put a stop to this? Tunney decides that he's not going to ban The Corporation from ringside because they're going to have to deal with someone who's going to stop outside interference. Just like Undertaker's match with Yokozuna at Survivor Series, he appointed a special enforcer and it worked so well that we're going to have a special enforcer for Undertaker's match against Bam Bam at WrestleMania. This man has history with Ted Dibiase and we saw him at Saturday Night's Main Event. This man will be there this Monday on Raw and the special enforcer is Rowdy Roddy Piper. The fans love this announcement and Vince can't wait to see Hot Rod on Raw.

Backstage The Million Dollar Man and Bam Bam are not pleased with Jack Tunney's announcement. Bam Bam says bring on Piper, he doesn't care. If he gets in Bam Bam's way then he's going to wipe Piper out. Bam Bam thinks Undertaker is nothing without his urn and on Raw this week, The Corporation showed The Undertaker how strong they are. Bam Bam wants his match with The Undertaker to be a no holds barred match, here there are no rules, this is exactly what Bam Bam wants. This is his kind of match and he's going to do whatever it takes to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

WWF Wrestling Challenge | March 19 | 1995

Jeff Jarrett defeated Bob Holly

Jean Pierre Lefite defeated a jobber

The British Bulldog defeated a jobber. Following the match Lex Luger ran down to attack The Bulldog. Luger sends Bulldog to the ropes, Bulldog ducks a clothesline and came off the ropes and hit Luger with a clothesline. Bulldog follows up with another clothesline sending Luger to the floor and the crowd is going nuts. Bulldog flexes his muscles and taunts Luger as Luger backs up the entranceway. What a match up this is going to be when these two powerhouses square off at WrestleMania.

New WWF Interviewer Sunny presented a face to face segment in the studios. Joining Sunny this week is The Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart and Bob Backlund. Owen appears on the screen first. Owen welcomes Sunny to the WWF, he's proud to see a new face in the WWF because she's New Generation. Bob Backlund then appears on the screen and Sunny talks about the importance of this match, it's title vs career. She talks about Bob Backlund's incredible 6 year WWF Title reign but Owen interrupts and asks Sunny why doesn't she ask Backlund who helped him win the WWF Title at Survivor Series and how long did that reign last? Backlund cuts in and tells Owen has he ever been WWF Champion? Backlund says his one Rumble performance in 1993 lasted longer than Owen's previous three Rumble performances combined. Owen fires back and asks Backlund has he ever been King of the Ring. Both men start arguing and Backlund states that he's a stubborn man and he doesn't give up easily and he's going to take that belt off Owen. He's going to take this title to a new level. Owen fires back and claims that he's already given the belt so much prestige because he's already the King. He knows that Backlund's a lunatic but he sure can wrestle but Owen believes that he's a better wrestler than Backlund and he can outwrestle Backlund. Backlund starts yelling about how he's going to dismantle Owen when they meet at WrestleMania. Owen's response was that he will show any compassion for him, he's going to have no regret in ending Backlund's career. Both men argue and Sunny thanks both men for joining her and she can't wait for WrestleMania.

It is announced that tomorrow night on Raw, newcomer Savio Vega will take on the huge King Kong Bundy.

Razor Ramon defeated Henry Godwinn. Bret Hart came down to join Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross for commentary. Bret states that he would someday like to see Razor become champion but right now there's no chance of that happening. At WrestleMania, he's going to shatter Razor's dream and the reality is that he's beat Razor twice and he's going to do it again for the third time. Near the end of the match, when Razor was about to put away Godwinn, he looks at Bret and motions for the belt. Could this be The Hitman at WrestleMania? Bret says he's the excellence of excecution and he's got a counter for every hold. Razor scoops Godwinn up and drops him with the Razor's Edge to win the match. Bret stood up and held his title up and Razor motions for the title. Next week will be the final episode of Wrestling Challenge

Also on the show, Jim Ross interviewed Tatanka. Jim Ross brings up the confrontation between Tatanka and Hunter Hearst Helmsley on Raw. We don't know much about Helmsley but he's already starting to become very unpopular here in the WWF. Tatanka talks about his roots, how proud he is of his heritage. He represents all Native Americans and over the past two weeks, Helmsley was making fun of not only him but several other superstars. A rich snob like Hunter Hearst Helmsley may have got what he had wanted in life but now he's here in the WWF. Here you have to fight for everything. You have to work your way to the top. Tatanka explains about how he had goals when he was about to arrive in the WWF. He was sitting in his homeland with all of his native Americans. His vision was to climb to the top of the mountain of the WWF. He found out the hard way that this isn't so easy, but a guy like Hunter Hearst Helmsley's already so confident that he's the future of the WWF. Well now that he's here, Hunter's going to find out the hard way what the WWF is all about.

April 2 | Hartford Connecticut

Current Card

WWF Title Match | Bret Hart (c) vs Razor Ramon

Diesel vs Shawn Michaels

The British Bulldog vs Lex Luger

No Holds Barred Match | The Undertaker vs Bam Bam Bigelow | Special Enforcer | Rowdy Roddy Piper

Title vs Career | WWF Intercontinental Title Match | Owen Hart (c) vs Bob Backlund

The 123 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett

Tag Team Title Match | The Smoking Gunns (c) vs Yokozuna and Hakushi

Thanks so much for the reviews guys, hope you all enjoy this week's Raw show. Not long to go till WrestleMania.

WWF News

The newcomer, Hunter Hearst Helmsley is set to take on Tatanka at WrestleMania. Expect to see an official announcement being made soon. Hunter Hearst Helmsley has already started to make friends in the locker room and they are The Kliq. Already Hunter has settled in well. The Kliq is a backstage group which contains Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon and The 123 Kid. In real life, these four men are good friends but on screen only Shawn is the heel. The Kliq has had a lot of backstage influence and several superstars do not like The Kliq. With The Kliq taking Hunter under their wing, expect to see Helmsley being a big part of the new generation.

WWF Management is extremely high on The 123 Kid and it is expected that he will get a good push this year. Shawn Michaels certainly had no problem putting his friend over and it gets to show that The Kliq don't have a problem putting each other over.

Officials have thought about turning Shawn Michaels face but Shawn Michaels was against the idea as he enjoys playing the role of a heel.

A 10 man tag team match will be taking place at WrestleMania featuring some of the stars that are not on the card yet. An announcement will be made for this match a few days before WrestleMania. Don't expect to see this match last long, it's just to get some of the stars on the card.

Following Lex Luger's victory over The Undertaker in the gaunlet match, Officials have discussed the idea of a feud between The Undertaker and Lex Luger in the near future. This will continue the angle between The Undertaker and The Million Dollar Corporation.

An announcement for the debut of a new WWF ppv coming in May will be made soon on WWF programming.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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