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Re: Worst WM Main Event of all time

Well lets see....

The bad ones that come to mind for me are:

- Hogan Vs. Sid at VIII was underwhelming, saved by the return of The Ultimate Warrior

- The Bret/Yoko/Hogan debacle at IX definitely deserves mentioning, though I will give it credit for being memorable.

- LT Vs. Bam Bam was bad. Really bad, but so was the entire show. At least LT wrestling was interesting on paper.

- Undertaker Vs. Sid at 13 was a borefest with a stupid finish. The only thing this match had going for it was "Well at least I get to see Taker win the belt" and even that was tainted by having heel Bret Hart help Taker win! It was clear they had no idea what to do for the ME here, and it is no wonder WCW Uncensored 97 (a throwaway B-Show) beat them in the buyrates.

- The Four Way at 2000 wasn't awful up until it came down to Triple H & Rock, which is what the main event should have been all along. Of course then they fucked it up by doing one of the worst endings in Mania history with yet another McMahon heel turn and basically saving the good ending for Backlash.

- HHH Vs. Jericho at X-8 was a disaster. People use Rock/Hogan and them having to follow it as the excuse, but lets not underestimate the shitty build up. Hell, shitty is a perfect word for it because Jericho, the UNIFIED WORLD FUCKING CHAMPION, was shown on live TV cleaning up dog shit on Stephanie McMahon's orders. How the fuck am I supposed to take him seriously after that? Stephanie was the villain of the match and Jericho was just a placeholder. It was doomed from the start.

- I hate Cena Vs. HHH at Wrestlemania 22. I am going to go Roger Ebert on North here: I hated that match! Hated hated hated that match! I hated that match! I hated every stupid, simpering, audience insulting moment of it! I've explained why at least a dozen times, so lets just movie on.

- HHH Vs. Orton at XXV....Jesus Christ almighty was this awful. Boring doesn't even begin to cover it.

- Cena Vs. Miz at XXVII, the main problem here was that the whole thing felt like a prelude to The Rock. We knew Rock was going to play some kind of role in this, so why did he sit in the back the entire match? We knew nothing would end until he showed his face. The match was boring as a result and Cena & Miz were really off too. I liked that they had Rock cost Cena the title, but their Russo-ish way of getting to that finish was pretty silly too.

Those are the worst that come to my mind.

Which would I say is the number one worst? I'll go with HHH Vs. Orton at XXV. It was horrible, boring, and just impossible to sit through a second time. It was pretty atrocious and had little in the way of redeeming value.


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