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Re: Fiscal cliff : what's your opinion, are you afraid ?

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
We deserve to be fucked, maybe then we can all take a reality check and stop wanting the government to be ran like a broke ho with a credit card at a Nieman Marcus.
The only way REAL change (Not Obama' 2008 campaign slogan) will ever take place in the United States is if we hit total economic collapse. It would be at that moment that people would realize that the system and the people we currently have in power aren't working. Sadly, people don't realize this right now because they still have all of their "stuff." They still have their football games on their HD televisions. They still have their fancy dinners with their friends and/or family. They still have their nice car and nice house. As long as people have all of this "stuff", they won't ever truly care about what the government, they THEY elected in the first place, is doing to them and how both parties are driving this country into oblivion.

In a total economic collapse, they won't all of this stuff and it would be at that point they might just wake up and realize what's going on. It's at that point that any change might happen and even then, it might not be change for the better.

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