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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

I got Xbox LIVE last night for the first time, and I kinda've enjoy WWE 13 on Xbox LIVE - despite I can't fucking go on CC - I got in two or three matches with trolls/hackers who do literally the same fucking move on me over 100 times and makes my CAW/player freeze up and it's hard as hell to counter their glitching, and even when I do counter they find a way to go back to trolling/hacking in less than 2 seconds lol.

But other than that, it was fun. Some asshole that I came across (and ended up having a 2-3 hour series of matches with him/her) was on microphone during a session. I can't stand people who know I don't have a microphone still feel the need to judge my gamertag or my CAW or my CAW's attire/name/finisher. I have no Controller Keyboard like some people do so even if you message me, it'll take about 5-10 minutes to respond because I hate typing anything with my controller.

But anyway, the asshole that I came across was calling me a faggot and a few other things, but then we got into the match (6-Man Ladder Match) and as soon as he saw my CAW (the Vampire, I used him in most of my matches, he's like kevin thorn) he was like "OH SHIT, HE'S COMING AFTER ME!" and I eventually won but I kicked his ass before I won. Then we did alot of triple threat matches and he did a shit ton of finishers on me but somehow, I guess I had good luck, I kept doing near falls after every finishers. And he kicked my ass in most of them but I kept coming back up. In fact, the best part is, I won most of those lmao. But after I left him and decided to do other sessions, we were about 4-3. I won 4 matches, he won 3, I think, my memory sucks ass lol.

So tl;dr Xbox LIVE was fun on this game, despite the trolls and the obnoxious people that I came accross that decided to get out of the ring and taunt 30 times to get a finisher/signature. But this game on XBL does seem like it's only fun with friends, but the bad part for me is, I have no friends that's into WWE 13, which is fine lol. I'm probably gonna do matches outside of XBL sometimes whenever I get sick of XBL sessions.

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