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Re: Worst WM Main Event of all time

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
actually wrestling wise it was much better than expectation, specially for Rock's singles ring return. The crowd was really loud, and the match had many near-finishes that were well executed. All of Rock's WM Main events have been pretty good so i won't so calling this the worst doesn't mean it wasn't a great match on it's own...not to mention the buyrates and the reaction from majority of people would disagree. I'm sorry if you were expecting a technical classic, the match had Icon vs Icon written all over it, it was meant to include moves that would appeal to the crowd/casuals more than 'technical' moves that would appeal to the IWC.
I had no expectations for that match. And I've never said it was the worse.

I gave reasons why some might say it was the worst. For some, it's not all about the hype and nostalgia effect. Some might not care about technical wrestling but want to be entertained. End Of An Era was far from technical but was damn entertaining. Rock/Cena wasn't, for me and for many others because we didn't expect much from the match, anyway but a couple of restholds, spinebusters, 5 moves of doom, DDT's, Rock Bottoms and People's Elbow to close.

The match was just all hype.

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