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Re: How Come Energy Always Existed But Nothing Can Come Out Of Nowhere?

In no way do I mean to offend you, but if you think about what you typed it's very obvious the problem. You can't have "nothing" come from "nowhere". Those are concepts created by the human mind that are only expressions of how we interact as human beings. There has, and always was "something". People often forget that something like sound, or vibration exist. Since time is irrelevant, and we know that what are in, and it's surroundings have been around far longer than we can really explain. This is why the idea of time becomes irrelevant.

When you look out in to space, minus the planets, galaxies, Red Dwarfs, black holes, and solar systems it's a black void of "space". Matter, be it dark, or not has always been. There was, and is no starting point for anything outside of the "birth" state. Time didn't begin until we created it. Meaning to life didn't really surface until our brains evolved to understand what conscious existence really meant to us. Emotions, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors evolved with conscious experience. You are immortal, and so is everything around you. There was never a beginning, but merely an explanation as to why you are alive.
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