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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Yes everyone is right, I do stand corrected that Taker/Cena is the biggest match that could be done. My bad for over looking that...but I suppose the reason I did is because it's simply not on WWE's radar and doesn't have any chance of happening this year.

I agree that Rock/Punk should happen at Mania and Punk deserves it, but that ALSO will not happen. They're spilling the milk early on that one at the Rumble and for that it already knocks the novelty of them facing off at Mania down a notch. Unless some backwards ass way is taken where Punk retains via DQ at the Rumble and the rematch is set for Mania, then it could happen...but then WWE is hanging their hat on a rematch from 3 months earlier to close the biggest show of the year? Yeah right.

I agree - Rock is the most relevant and holds the most name value in 2013 out of the pool of candidates being Rock/Taker/Lesnar/Cena...but I really just don't see it happening. WWE has once again backed themselves into a corner with putting Rock in the title match at the Rumble and still don't have all their ducks in a row. Taker to me still has the ability to draw in a big time main event at Mania, and Punk/Taker for the WWE Title - 500 day Streak vs. 20-0 Streak - coupled with Rock/Lesnar as the two marque matches would sell huge. It seems the much more logical and compelling way to push Wrestlemania this year in my opinion, not recycling what we've already seen. While this is a predictions thread, the card I booked is how I would do things...not what I actually think will happen. If we want to do that, I'll give you the top 4 matches right now:

WWE TITLE: The Rock(c) vs. John Cena
THE STREAK: Taker vs. CM Punk
REMATCH: Lesnar vs. Triple H
WORLD TITLE: Big Show(c) vs. Ryback

Yawn. But hey, that's what we're going to get, so we might as well get used to it.

If Punk's going to lose to Taker at Mania I'd rather it be at the highest stakes, with both Streaks on the line, in the main event of the show. Losing to Taker to become "number 21" does nothing for him. At least in my proposed scenario he'd actually have the spotlight on him and his title reign would go to 500 days.

Look, WWE booked this Rock/Punk match for the Rumble in July because they assumed they would be doing Rock/Cena II at Mania. Well a lot has changed since July, and WWE obviously didn't think ahead at where Punk's reign would be come the beginning of April. I think the powers that be are questioning whether that is right right move now, and are entertaining the idea of Punk retaining at the Rumble...but knowing Vince, he will go with the "safe" route and go back to the original plan having Rocky go over, to give Cena his win back at Mania. Same old, same old.

Blood. Urine. Vomit.

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