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Default Re: We NEED to see CM Punk in action!

I agree with everything you said,Great OP.

Ryback's involvement with CM Punk not only ruined CM Punk's credibility,But it also ruined Ryback's.CM Punk did not go over Ryback and Ryback ended up looking like a loser who never was able to win the title from Punk.Yeah Ryback's feud with Punk has got to be the worst feud in CM Punk's title reign I agree with that fully.

Also CM Punk being booked as a cowardly chicken shit bitch who is all talk is disgusting,That is just "Miz-like" not "Punk-like" at all.I remember the days when Punk was still a heel and was booked as a fighter who wasn't scared of anybody back in late 2011 with John Cena,Punk needs to return back to being a heel who isn't scared of anybody "have him use cheap ways to win sure" but to act like a coward is just fucking horrible.
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