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Originally Posted by NoLeafClover View Post
First off I think Punk/Taker, for the WWE Title in a Streak vs. Streak match sells itself and has more intrigue to it than any other main event WWE can table right now. And yes that includes the joke of Rock vs. Cena II or Rock vs. Lesnar, both for the WWE Title. Mind you I'm talking specifically about the closing match...the actual main event, not one of the supporting "main events". Facing Taker at Wrestlemania with the WWE Title on the line would be hands down the biggest match of Punk's career to date and he'd finally get the Wrestlemania main event match that he deserves.

When I said I liked the ending that Marrow put forward with Taker winning and then leaving the title vacated, I meant that it was a unique and different way to go with the booking. My booked card however indicated otherwise with Taker winning the title and getting one last title reign.

Punk's reign is going to have to come to an end at some point, and having it end it to Taker at Wrestlemania after hitting 500+ days isn't too shabby in my opinion. I'd rather Punk's reign end on the biggest stage of them all, with the stakes at their highest, and all the marbles on the table, than at some B level PPV in the middle of the summer to Ryback or someone else in a completely forgettable and uneventful fashion.

Cena/Taker is bigger than punk/taker

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