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Re: Fiscal cliff : what's your opinion, are you afraid ?

The problem is the left want money they don't have to support benefits and the right want to cut spending and lower taxes they can't afford to and both sides are deadlocked as even they average person will see them as a traitor for crossing their established lines

Not to mention the poor, middle class, and rich all blame the other two for their finical problems. The poor feel they are being held down by the other two, the middle class feel that the rich get all the breaks and the poor just get a free ride, and the rich feel that the other two are getting far more benefits than they are and are constantly asking for more.

All groups want the other two to pay for their ride but the poor don't have anything, the middle class is too broad and the rich have the power to and will leave if they feel they are being mistreated (and I can't blame them)

and so they all fall into their gated communities, fearing that the other two are barbarians at the gate trying to destroy their society and scream how they are right and if everyone was as smart and moral as they were than they would think the same way. They yell and scream that they are living in the most unstable, most pivotal, the most important time period in history, which it was since the 90s, which it was since the 80s, which it was since the 70s, which it was since the 60s, which it was since 50s etc. as humans have done since the start of time and they will till the end yet life carries on as normal.

TLDR no.

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