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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Sheeeeit, I've been here 6 years now too? Well suck my chode and call me Schmeichel.

Ie it is an absolute honour to have been mentioned in that most gracious of posts, if I wasn't a layabout who can't be arsed putting any effort into typing anything at this exact moment I'd ramble much more but bless your kind soul.

WOOLCOCK, WOOLCOCK, my dear sheep fucking friend WOOLCOCK, I can only assume you are currently 2.78 inches deep into the cervix of a sheep so I say unto you, good luck dear and may you be the first to create a new breed of Sheeple who shall rule the world and most certainly not look like that thing out that fucking movie with Adrian Brody about the kangaroo woman. Also

GOD OF CUNT, MY DEAR GOD OF CUNT, I shall mount you first on Sauchiehall Street, I shall mount you on Union Street and if we are by some insane fate in the Polo Lounge I'll do much more than mount. I was out on the 30th there and I thought of you, mainly because I was having the shitest night known to man (THE COSMOPOLITAN KARAOKE BAR followed by THE CATTY with a total of 4 people, 2 of whom fucked off at 1am)... well it was shite but then Black Betty came on and some guy slipped me something and FUCK KNOWS.

That also sums up my New Years Even, it was kinda shite then I ended up in Shawlands and some wonderful person put on Dancing In The Dark and a line of some form of white powder appeared before me, and the seas parted, the sun shone and god spoke unto me and said "You, you my son, shall be the one who brings about the end of all days", and I took that to heart, let's do it together, ok?

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