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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Not much to add here that hasn't been said by others. Great OP and goes to show that a forum should be fun and relaxed at the end of the day without the need for people to get over, 'bury' one another and go to miserable lengths to get some attention society as a whole has failed to give them.

I remember coming across so many of Austin101's tirades when I looked back through archives, or whenever his name was brought up in the DVD thread by people who were around during his 'peak'. The meltdown from last year regarding Savage and the HOF is incredible. Wish I could link it but I can't come across it.

Andy's name change is . A shame the one time he gets 'CUNT' in his username it couldn't be 'BEST LOOKING CUNT IN PORN' though. Wonder if Craig will ever grace the forum with one of his creative name changes. 'Steven Van Zandt's surprisingly great acting career' being the frontrunner.

The Angle MSN convo Headliner linked was amazing. I've had far too many conversations with people about Angle. Should have spent more time joking about his insanity instead of his ringwork, judging by that convo at least.
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