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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Originally Posted by ChrisPartlow View Post
I would like anyone saying Cena .vs. The Miz to watch any of these. I know it's tough, you guys weren't born around then, but go download it or buy these events:

-Hogan .vs. Sid Justice
-Hogan .vs. Yokozuna (don't care what anyone says, this counts as a main event whether they like it or not. Could not be anymore ridicolous than this)
-Bam Bam .vs. LT (I have a hard time putting this on the list, let's be realistic Taylor looked good in the ring compared to someone like Floyd Mayweather/Snooki and he was huge during a time WWE was bad)
-Taker .vs. Sid (this is easily worse than Cena .vs. The Miz in terms of hype, match quality, etc)
-Triple H .vs. Jericho (can't believe this has only been listed once outside of my shoutout, the smarks will never admit it)
-Triple H .vs. Orton

Hell, was Triple H .vs. Batista even that great? I think it was not bad, but not as good as Cena .vs. The Miz.

I would even say Stone Cold .vs. The Rock the first match was a bit lame. Their match a month later was the bigger match which is sad. Same with that Wrestlemania 2000 match, why wasn't it The Rock .vs. Triple H instead? Backlash 2000 felt like more of a Wrestlemania than that farce.
Face facts cena fan. Cena vs Miz is one of the worst main events ever and thats it i take all those matchs over miz vs cena any day
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