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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

I don't think Rock/John Cena is a Worst Match contender. It isn't Triple H/Orton, Hogan/Yokozuna, Brock/Goldberg, Lawrence Taylor for God's sake but it certainly isn't a good one.

Both of them looked mentally and physically blown up about 15 minutes in. Speaking of run time, less would have been more here. Half an hour was just way too much to ask from these guys.

The pace of it was very slow and both men can clearly be seen and heard physically and verbally "calling" spots which took me out of it. There was an inordinate amount of time spent in rest holds and submissions. Both The Rock's Sharpshooter and John Cena's STF were two of the very worst examples of those moves I've seen and were held on for far too long.

The Rock went over after John Cena's heel behavior and it was of zero consequence. The Rock promptly fucked off to Hollywood to star in a "movie" I wouldn't watch for a brick of something lovely from Fort Knox and John Cena...remained a booked face John Cena and didn't change a bit.

So all the hype for a mediocre, consequence free match.

It is comfortably a D performance, scraping bottom barrel C/3 star territory and in the bottom third tier of WM matches.

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