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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Originally Posted by ellthom View Post
The crowd was awesome, The Rock is awesome, I don't deny that at all. But this is the worst Wrestlemania main events of all time, There have been 28 Wrestlemanias, thats 28 main events and UI have to pick 5 out of that 28, but the problem is I have been watching WWE Wrestlemanias since 1991 so I cant really vote on the first 6 as I hadnt really seen them at the time.

Out of all those main events there are very few really bad matches... Rock and Cena wasn't an awful match like Miz and Cena was, it just wasn't one of the best and it kind of left an empty feeling afterwards. it was slow, sloppy and dragging, the audience were probably the best part with the "You still got it" and "boots to asses" chants but to me the match just was not up there with the Hogan vs Rock, the Austin vs Rock, hell I found Hogan vs Sid Justice at Wrestlemania VIII more interesting and that wasnt a good match either (probably would have made number 6).

I didnt come up with this off the top fop my head, this question has been asked before on the forums, of course back then I looked back heavily at all the Wrestlemania main events I had seen and went over what ones excited me, got me interested and still have me hooked to this day. Unfortunately the Rock and Cena match was okay for what it was, but try watching it again and I was not into it as much in fact other wresltemania matches held a bit of excitement outside of of the audiences reaction.

Think of it this way, look at all of Rocks Wrestlemania main events, this is no doubt his worst. Of course that is my opinion you can be free to disagree but for me that wasnt the Rock I knew in the ring, although I am sure when Rock vs Cena II comes around he will be in better shape and I for one still look forward to it.

There's no beef on the Rock on my part I just didn't like the match. If you loved the match more power to you I am not going to say you are wrong or right but for me it just didn't do anything for me.
ok i get it in your opinion it was not as great as other WM M.E's (even though most would disagree), but it was still a great match on it's own. Calling it one of the worst is a big exaggeration. The match was too good to be a candidate for 'worst'. It might not be the best, but it was far from the worst. For you it might not have done big things, but for the majority it was a pretty big match and the ending actually made it epic cause everyone was expecting Cena to win.

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