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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Corey Graves

- Not familiar with him so no comment.

Bray Watt

-State of the WWE 2013 address, Bray Wyatt interupts Vince McMahom and gives Vince his on own unique on WWE. Then attacks Vince and starts a revolution. Clearly this means other suited to his weird, cult like persona would soon debut and allign with him.

Chris Hero

- Kane: Yes! Bryan: No! Kane: Yes! Brian: No! *supekick to Bryan's face* Actually, its kassius Ohno!... leads to a feud between the two. Ohno can get a bit of credibility by taking out Kane before fighting Bryan.

Richie Stemboat

- Just like every debut. Introduce him, build him up through his bloodline. Have him eventually fight for a mid-card championship, and go from there.


- Attack Eve one week. Shoot a promo about how she is tired of fake women like Eve who try and be glamorous. The next week have her attack someone like Layla and rant about how Layla is too spunky to be real. Next week have AJ be here victim, claiming AJ doesn't know what real "crazy" is. Go from there.

Now you have someone who is anti diva, anti fake, and somewhat mentally unstable, without a defined role as a face or heel.
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