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Re: The BTB End of Year Awards 2012

I suppose somebody needs to get the ball rolling... I haven't been terribly active this year, but I try to read shows as often as possible, and while I've been drawn really only to one or two threads, I've been reading through a few others over the last 24 hours since this was posted. As I am slightly out of touch with who is rated/underrated around these parts, you'll have to forgive me if my nominations in the breakout, most improved & underrated categories seem off. Sorry for the lack of hyperlinks ... I'll try and get them later.


Best BTB Of The Year
The Evolution of Greed; iMac. This is the only thread I've religiously followed this year, so it wouldnt be right to nominate others along with it.

Best Match Of The Year
Edge vs Batista @ WrestleMania 23 {iMac}

CM Punk vs Randy Orton @ Extreme Rules {Melvis}
Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels @ 'Very Merry War' {619IDH}

Best Promo Of The Year
Shawn Michaels sit down interview six days before Backlash {iMac}

Shawn Michaels pre-taped video on Raw with tickets for John Cenas family to be ringside at Summerslam {Legend}

Best PPV of The Year
WrestleMania 23 {iMac}

Summerslam {cp954}
Extreme Rules {Melvis}
Summerslam {Wolf Beast - yeah, fuck it, I'll putting myself forward}

Best Individual Show Of The Year (non-PPV)
A Very Merry War {619IDH}


Best Booker

Nige (admittedly, I dont read a lot of his work, but he's been around for a long time, and is very popular, which cannot be denied)
ThatWeirdGuy (I'll admit, I hadnt set eyes on the thread before. This is solely based on reading through shows over the past day, when looking for who I felt deserved to be suggested)
Melvis (both for solid shows, and excellent work in the KOBTB tourney)
619IDH (same as Melvis)

Breakout Booker
ThatWeirdGuy (see above)


Most Improved Booker

Flux Capacitor (admittedly only from reading his work in the tournament, which has been top notch)

Most Underrated Booker
Kintaro (I've been really enjoying his '95 thread, but hear very little buzz around him)

*Again, I could be wrong. Maybe these guys are highly rated. But they aren't the names I tend to see bandied around when people talk about good writers etc*

Best Match Writer

cp954 (still a level below the first two, but deserves a mention for his stellar Summerslam)

Best Promo Writer
Legend (only active for about two months. Dont care. Still the best today)


Most Creative
Kintaro (simply for making WWF in '95 an enjoyable read)

619IDH (created fed, interesting & unique match types, KOBTB tournament work too)
Flux Capacitor (based simply on some great work in the tournament)
Melvis (based mainly on tournament work)

Most Inspirational
KING. (More of a personal thing, so I'm not sure if it'll count. If it hadn't been for his pestering encouragement, I probably wouldnt have came back again. He deserves praise or blame, depending on your opinion)

Best Reviewer

Legend (I'm not 100% if he did provide feedback in 2012. Might need to look into that)

Best Used Character Of The Year
Shawn Michaels {iMac, Legend & cp954}

Chris Jericho {619IDH}

Feud Of The Year
Shawn Michaels vs Triple H {iMac}

Shawn Michaels vs John Cena {Legend}
Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio {Me }


Biggest Shock
Nothing shocked me. Sorry.

Biggest Disappointment
Legend vanishing

Funniest BTB Moment of The Year
Again, coming up dry with this one.

Greatest BTB Moment of The Year
Szumi is BACK~!!

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