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Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
Was Rush the godfather or just framer? Can't remember. TKOK! cleared if just the framer. So they have a blocker, maybe bodyguard, framer, and a godfather? Seem lacking of an investigation role that would make framer worthwhile.
He was the framer. Try reading a little deeper into things son, amidst all of DAT ASS.

Originally Posted by Lawls View Post
let's get a claim from cloverleaf this phase please.

his play warrants it.
If voting Jigsaw warrants a lynch then we all should be lynched.

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
Night write up suggests that Doc didn't shoot at all.

Think I may agree with you. I said earlier that of all the PR's Stax's is the most likely to be fake, + Roger's was indeed legit and the fact he was the SK is irrelevant.
Exactly. Comprehension eludes some people around here.

Stax's PR is too brilliant to be fake. Kenny is a great fan of DAT ASS so I'd assume it would be in. inb4outguessingthemod

Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
Or that's just write up kill flavor, why wouldn't a vig use his kill?
A wise vig won't shoot unless they are certain of their target, otherwise you'd become a vig like Lawls who wipes out all of the town.

Only vig who should shoot real early is the overeager vig.

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
I think ZigglerMark and Nov are scum together.

vote Nov
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
ok forget that.

unvote Nov

Ridiculous play here, and comes across as forced and unnecessary.

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
vote zigglermark

Your just re-hashing everyone's argument right back at them.
Goes for the miller, flips on it after being called out on it, and then fast tracks to another target. No substance whatsoever.


Really Nov? Really?

My suspected list so far include skyfall, croft & lawls (#tunnel). Evo's not be trusted either, I'll never trust him in any game, but I won't pursue him this game unless I'm 110% confident, otherwise it'll lead to a rehash of my abysmal Christmas effort
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