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Re: Current Jobbers You Still Have Faith In?

Originally Posted by TempestH View Post
It seems like you like people but get pessimistic about their prospects.
Gee, I wonder why. This company gives me SO many reasons to hope for the best.

And I don't believe that once you're branded a jobber, you're stuck. John Cena and Randy Orton started out as jobbers, and are now multi time World Champions.
Cena and Orton weren't jobbers. Cena started his career against Kurt Angle. Yes, he lost, but he took a main eventer to the limit. Orton was branded a future star from day one, they just didn't know how to present him until he got injured and got re-packaged with Evolution, but he wasn't a guy who's sole contribution to WWE was jobbing on Superstars.

And Triple H got squashed by Ultimate Warrior (who had lost some of his luster by that point), and got buried for breaking Kayfabe with the Kliq, and ended up becoming one of the company's biggest stars, and this was BEFORE marrying Stephanie.
Triple H was a former IC Champion and was slotted as the KOTR winner when the Curtain Call happened, not a jobber.

It's not over until Riley leaves the business for good.

Riley and Cena may or may not have had some altercation, but it happened a long time ago, and they're probably buddies. John Cena has better things to do with his time than sabotage young stars' careers.
No, it's over now. When John Cena is out for your blood, you're on borrowed time until you're released. Frankly I'm stunned he hasn't been already, but of course, when you hear enough stories from inside the company, you know they love to humiliate people.

It's been confirmed that they have. Long time ago or not, it's the reason his push was cancelled and he never got it back. If he was friendly with Cena, he'd be getting pushed because he's the definition of everything Vince McMahon is looking for, and I can assure you that Cena definitely doesn't have better things to do than hold back talent. Holding back talent is a time honored tradition for the top guy, ask Hogan, ask Shawn, ask Hunter, etc.

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