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Re: What rematch would you rather see: Cena/Rock or Brock/HHH?

Originally Posted by Perfect.Insanity View Post
Neither unless WWE decides to go against the grain and make Rock/Lesnar win for the second time in their respective feuds. I don't want to see Lesnar embarrassed again after his defeat to Cena. In the same time Cena doesn't need a win against The Rock. Cena is not a newcomer you will build or establish with a win against The Rock.

Going with these rematches just for the sake of giving HHH/Cena their wins back is fucking stupid.
Yeah, your right. Cena is not a newcomer. He's the top face, abd normally top faces are booked to look super strong so when they finally do lose, it's a big moment. Especially at Wrestlemania. Hogan lost once to Ultimate Warrior so he could put him over. Austin lost clean to The Rock so he could put him over.

Who's the first person to beat John Cena clean in the main event of Wrestlemania? The Rock. Nope, not the next top face, not the big rising star. But a already established star who hasn't been in WWE for eight years. The basically used the current top face to put over the guy ehi's a big star in thr last era. They basically pushed him down a peg to make a part-timer look stronger than ever. And for what? It's like if Hogan came back to WWE before Wrestlemania 17 and beat Stone Cold. How does that make sense? WWE have been pushing Stone Cold as the top face for three years, than they put a former star over him? It's the same thing here.

And yes, Cena does need his win back. And you know why, because he should have won the first time. WWE should have gave John Cena un-arguablly the biggest win of his career last year. But the whole thing was just a whole comnercial for The Rock. John Cena was their top face for 7 years, and they made look weaker than a guy who hasn't wrestled for seven years.

John Cena beating The Rock made all the sense in the world. The Rock (the Attitude Era star) beating John Cena (the top face of the company for the last eight years) makes absolutely no sense at all. John Cena has every right to beat The Rock, and I hope he does at Wrestlemania 29.

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
I also can't believe how much you let Cena ruin your own lives by doing what he does.

You all may make fun of people with "IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!" for the young kids or marks or whatever, but you guys are even worse than them. You have this deep-seeded legitimate rage for Cena and his fans to the point where you let it affect your day to day life.

Grow up. Seriously.
If you don't understand why John Cena wins all the time, maybe professional wrestling is not for you.
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