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Re: Got drugs?

Originally Posted by Striketeam View Post
Before everyone bashes this thread, I have to point out that Bully is primarily talking about "the war on drugs" and how this site could save lives by dealing over the internet instead of going to a street corner and possibly getting killed.
It could also cut profits for gangs and crime syndicates like the cartel.
Instead of funding their groups with your money, you can instead deal with someone who is just looking for recreational drug use.

I doubt he make this topic to advocate drug use or suck up to drug users, but instead to point out the major flaws in our system and ask us what we think about it.
This is accurate and true; and excluding some of the details about accessing the site this entry would be a welcome adition to the Anything section.

Sadly, from what i've read throughout these couple of pages, the thread is an attempt at a recovery from some kind of online harrassment, so it wouldn't really had a chance no matter how useful or well written it was. Good attempt at clawing yourself out of the body bag though OP.

Fake edit: The site is legit and i've used it's services before. However, it does not need this kind of advertising. Please close it or Verticalscope will bring the hammer down suichokuraka style.
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