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Default Re: Which Superstars need new finishers?

what comes to my mind....

Damien Sandow-The Damien Dragon (Dragon Sleeper hold)

AJ Lee-The Lee Lock (Submission move)

Miz-A top rope move

Randy Orton-The Viper Bite (Submission move)

Katilyn-A Submission move

Layla-a hurricanrana finisher

ADR/Ricardo-A superkick

Wade Barret-Barret Bomb (Powerbomb)/Wade Wing(Submission)

Antonio Cesaro-Cesaro Cobra Clutch (CCC)

Evan Bourne-Bourne Again (Hurricanrana finisher)

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AJ Lee unifies both the WWE Divas Title and the TNA Knockouts Title ( )
The IC and US Titles Unified ( )
AJ Lee & Kaitlyn Reunite [Preferably as Heels] ( )
Hardyz come back to the WWE ( )
Angle/Sting/Gail Kim leave TNA and come back to the WWE ( )
A 16 Seed Beats a 1 Seed ( )
Undertaker turns heel ( )
Brock Lesnar turns face ( )
Ryback turns face ( )
Vickie Guerrero AND Brad Maddox removed as GMs ( )
An African American wins the Royal Rumble and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania ( )
Bromans lose the TNA Tag Titles ( )
Sandow cancels Halloween ( )
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