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Re: Which Superstars need new finishers?

Ryback is in desperate need of a memorable finisher if they ever plan on making him big. Guy is borderline autistic when it comes to mic work, has practically nonexistent working ability and charisma of a pretzel. A marketable finisher alongside his looks is one of the few things on him that WWE could profit of, and profit heavily. Another problem with Ryback is that he isn't nearly as strong as he's supposed to look like, but that's another story.

Ziggler's whole offense is lackluster, which is a damn shame considering he's a tremendous worker. Zig Zag is simply awful. Not even Jericho managed to get Sleeper Slam over as a legitimate finisher. Neither will Ziggler, especially that sloppy weak looking version of it. I know he's a big fan of Billy Gunn and likes to emulate him but you already have Famouser, you don't have to copy/paste his entire moveset. If i wanted someone to fail getting over as a wrestler i would've given him that thing as a finisher. He would've been better off with a damn heart punch.

Daniel Bryan needs an impact finisher alongside LeBell Lock.

Alberto del Rio is the same case as Bryan, although I see they're trying to push Backstabber as his secondary finisher.

Brodus Clay and Santino are right now nothing more then comedy reliefs so I won't even go there.

Cena's both finishers are awful but at this point creative is way past the point where they could simply replace them.

Sin Cara doesn't even have a defined WWE finisher.

Heath Slater changes his finisher every month or so and it's never anything memorable. Although i did love the Headlock Driver he used a while ago, don't know if he still uses it.

Antonio Cesaro needs to revert back to either Swiss Death or the Alpamare Waterslide he did on Sheamus a while back. I see how they're trying to present him as a catch-as-catch-can throwback so he uses the Neutralizer because he isn't allowed to do the real Gotch-Style Piledriver, but I think it's hurting him. Give him either the Swiss Death or Waterslide and you've got major success on your hands. Plus the guy is freakishly powerful and can perform either of those moves on virtually anyone.

Big E. needs to tweak his finisher, it often looks uneffective.

Jinder Mahal's Full Nelson Slam is just random.

Damien Sandow is another case of randomness for randomness' sake.

I won't even say anything about Big Show's punch, that's just...although in all honesty they do portray it quite well.

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