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Re: Which Superstars need new finishers?

Superstars? Can't think of much right now.

Sandow, Barrett, Ziggler and Santino (does anyone even care about him?) come to mind.

On Dolph Ziggler, yes, I think he needs a new finisher. In as much as I love his superkick over his Zig Zag I wouldn't want him to use is as a permanent finishing manuever mainly because it's been used before by the legendary HBK. I want him to come up with something totally new and believable.

I personally think he also needs to improve on his general offensive moves.

On Barrett, I completely agree he needs a new finisher. The current bull hammer/souvenir doesn't work for him IMO. I mean he can't continue using that and expect people to buy it as a legit finisher. He's no Big Show. Can't see that move keeping down the John Cenas. He also needs to improve his overall move set massively. I've been a fan of his for a long time now but honestly see him average at best in the ring.
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