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The BTB End of Year Awards 2012

Howdy, all. The Kirbster back here to bug you all. First off, a Happy New Year to everyone and hope all have had a very merry time of things in the last few weeks.

But with all that jargon out of the way, yes, it is that special time of year that hasn’t come in two years in the BTB Section and that is time for some End of Year BTB Awards. There’s an assortment of reasons why something like this didn’t happen last year, but for whatever those may be, here we are back again to give recognition to the best the section had to offer in the year that was 2012.

For those who may not be familiar with the way this process works, here’s a quick rundown – first, we have a nomination process. The timeframe you can nominate things from is, well, anything that was posted in the year 2012. You can also nominate as many things per category as you want. Once the nominations are all in, we’ll put it to a vote final and, like all good democratic systems, the one that gets the most votes wins. May have been an election year here in the States, but none of that Electoral College shit here. Not too hard, right?

Now, as for actually nominating things (which you will officially do by PMing me), past Mods that have run this always emphasized this, so I suppose it’s only fair that I continue that tradition – YOU CANNOT NOMINATE YOURSELF. Any set of votes that do so will be disqualified via Kirby consumption. However what you can do is you can post suggestions in this thread, and you are allowed to suggest some of your own work. Now, don’t let that get out of hand. This shouldn’t turn into what Hulky called a ‘shill’ thread. If you need that much cheap advertising for your own material, then it probably wasn’t good enough to be nominated anyway. Also, if you would be so kind as to post hyperlinks with your nominations so we can all take a look at the magnificence you are suggesting.

Nominations will probably be open for about a week or until there’s a sufficient amount of nominations. So until further notice, I’m expecting the deadline for nominations to be January 8th.

But enough of that babble. Here’s the categories (which still have the descriptions Dubya put on them three years ago b/c they were just that damn good). Happy nominating and voting!


Best BTB Of The Year
Awarded to the absolute best BTB of 2012; the sum of the parts brought together for a compelling whole. Simply put, the highest honor in BTB.

Best Match Of The Year
Awarded to the match that kept readers hooked, on the edge of their seat. The real page-turner, the captivator. Whether it was the psychology, the storytelling, or the action, this belongs to THE match of 2012.

Best Promo Of The Year
Awarded to the promo that had not just the walk, but the talk behind it. The promo with substance, meaning, character, and all the other elements to make it successful.

Best PPV of The Year
Awarded to the best PPV, the consummate event of 2012. I believe no further information is needed - just nominate and vote for the best big show of 2012.

Best Individual Show Of The Year (non-PPV)
It's said PPVs are the most significant indicator of a good thread, but sometimes, a regular show can create such a buzz, it's difficult to forget and set aside as if it's of no consequence. This is awarded to the singular show (non-PPV) of 2012 that set the bar for future shows to come.


Best Booker
Awarded to the quintessential booker of 2012 - the man of the hour, the one with the power. The headliner, the guy that’s that damn good. The second highest honor available in Be The Booker.

Breakout Booker
Awarded to the booker who broke the glass ceiling in 2012. The booker who, just before, was either a blip on the radar or a relative unknown. The discovered diamond in the rough.

Most Improved Booker
This award is given to the booker who has improved and matured throughout the course of 2012, blossoming into a competent writer and booker in the process.

Most Underrated Booker
Awarded to the unappreciated, but talented booker. The one whose mere mention causes contemporaries to remark with awe and praise, but one who is evaluated far too low due to other circumstances.

Best Match Writer
Awarded to the booker with a consistent track record of compelling match-ups, the crafter of magnificent and emotional bouts, the one who can weave actions and movements in a match and make it meaningful.

Best Promo Writer
A select few have the gib of gab. The same can be said for the one whose promos can incite a range of emotional responses from the reader, and are true examples of clever and meaningful writing behind the action. Known unofficially as the “Szumi Award.”

Most Creative
Awarded to the booker whose concepts, ideas, characters, and feuds are like a Renaissance to an often stagnant section clinging to old methods.

Most Inspirational
Awarded to the booker whose influence spreads throughout the section like a pleasant plague. Contradiction indeed, but being an inspiration to the section is nothing to gawk at. In fact, it's an award in and of itself. Who has inspired BTB the most?

Best Reviewer
Awarded to the booker whose feedback provides the best possible critique and understanding of the material being read.


Best Used Character Of The Year
Explains itself. Who was the best used character of 2012? Down to changes and evolution of character, how his/her matches flowed, and how well he/she was booked/written.

Best Feud Of The Year
Awarded to the most enthralling and immersive feud of 2012. Whether personal or competitive, this is awarded to the perfect conglomerate of great match-ups, solid promos and build-up, an awesome climax, and overall, was a treat to see unfold.


Biggest Shock
Whether it elicited a positive or negative response, a shock is a shock. Surprises come in all forms, and in BTB, it's no different. What shocked BTB to the core in 2012? You decide.

Biggest Disappointment
A dubious honor, this is awarded to the idea, booker, BTB, feud, or match that had so much potential, but fell short of expectations. It's not so much a defeating award as it is a wake-up call to the booker (or his work) that receives it.

Funniest BTB Moment of The Year
At the behest of a friend, I bring back an award from the past, one which was meant just for fun - the Funniest BTB Moment of the Year. You know what to do here. If not, shame. I had high hopes. Perhaps I set 'em too high.

Greatest BTB Moment of The Year
Whether it was a booker returning after a long hiatus, a long-awaited PPV being posted, or a detail on PPV or a regular show that had readers captivated. It could be within a BTB, such as someone winning a World Title, or within the boundaries of the section itself, involving personas and all.


Welp, there they are. Once again – post suggestions in this thread, PM me your actual noms. I'll probably even post some suggestions in a day or so. Hoping you all share my zeal in doing this. Until then…NOMINATE AWAY, MY MINIONS!!


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