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Re: What was the last movie you watched?

Watched a few movies today.


From the first moment that I read about this movie, and what it was about: In the future the mob own time traveling and send back targets to be executed - I wanted to watch it. I have to say that it didn't disappoint. JGL did a very good job of trying to look like Bruce Willis. Really enjoyed the Diner part where they pretty much can't stand eachother. And that kid? Well, yeah. Wouldn't fuck with him. Plus Bruce Willis doing his kickass usual self.



Now, I'm a fan of the Stallone one. Not because it's well made, or acted. But because it's fun entertainment. Now in this I feel they did a better job with the character, and Karl Urban was pretty fucking awesome as him. It had some pretty sweet fight scene, and a lot of gore. Just a shame the bikes look crap.


The Dictator

Actually watched this with the family and, as usual, my Dad loved it. I thought it was funny but sometimes scenes would go on a little bit to long and just lose the point of it. Yes you already did a joke like that now move on. At least in the end he still kept his characters main attributes.


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