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Re: NBA Thread: 12/13 Season - Are the Warriors for real?

Pierce was actually playing pretty well up until like last week. Was putting up around 21/6/4 on around 46% shooting.

Now he looks like he's 50 out there. He has no lift on his jumpers, they're all flat, he's slow and can't stay in front of his man on defense, it's just sad. He's done.

I feel bad for KG. He carries this team. Just like last night, the Celtics were +2 with KG in the game. -20 with him out of the game. KG is 36 fucking years old, he's too old for the Celtics to be relying on him as much as they do. That's another reason why the Celtics do so well in the playoffs and look like a bigger threat, because KG gets increased minutes.

And yes I love Rondo, he's one of my favorite players but he has terrible tendencies. He does stat-pad his assists, he's the only player I know in the NBA that will pass up a wide open fastbreak layup just to get an assist. I can recall one time he had a wide open fastbreak layup and passed it back to Jason fucking Collins at the three point line. Rondo's defense is significantly overrated. His only good quality on defense is his ability to read passing lanes and pick off passes. His jumper has actually improved, IIRC he's like top 5 in mid-range shooting percentage in the NBA this season. But he's still an awful FT shooter. And then add that with the fact that Rondo doesn't give a full effort every night. He half-asses so many games, I guess that's why he does so great in the playoffs. Because the only time he gives a full effort is on national TV games and every game in the playoffs is on national TV.

Another reasons the Celtics have struggled is because Doc Rivers is too damn stubborn to put his veteran bias aside and start Jared Sullinger. Jason Collins brings nothing to the team. Nothing at all. Sullinger is by far the Celtics best big man after KG and not only that, but he's the best rebounder on the team something that we're terrible at. Doc not starting Sullinger is a damn shame.

@Xile44: Jose Calderon for MVP.

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