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Shazayum aka SummerLove aka Fake Aladdin, take a seat son.....

.....i have some questions for you.

now i thought you were a shit poster a couple years ago. you'd grown on me since then a bit. then i stumbled across this shit on the first page of the picture thread:


so the first set of questions i have for you:

are you gay and are you from india?

Spoiler for answer:

Originally Posted by Shazayum View Post
thanks bro i get tail on a nightly basis
lol no shit.

were you in a college psych class in 2009? despite the fact that you're 20 now making it likely you graduated high school in 2010:

are you a male escort?
Spoiler for answer:

when is the live action aladdin movie coming out? can i get a link to your imdb page?
Spoiler for answer:

did you come here from the gay teen forum because you found pro wrestling to be homo erotic?
Spoiler for answer:

do you like mass effect?
Spoiler for answer:

What Would U do if Justin Bieber Asked U Out?
Spoiler for answer:

why do you look so different in the other picture you posted?
Spoiler for answer:

is this you as well?
Spoiler for answer:

well by now i think you get the picture(s):

so either you're a gay indian male escort teen who plays mass effect and was in some chicks psych class that wants to be aladdin in a feature film or you posted a fake picture of yourself. did you think that guy was hot or something? he would get you some cute internet wrestling smark babez? i demand answers medo jr.

anyway happy new year bitches.

thanks rush


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