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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Should also mention that I got 4 games overall for Xmas: Absolution, Human Revolution, Arkham City and PS All Stars, (almost) all of which I've been playing in chunks.

Absolution: Having never played a Hitman game before, I was a bit estranged by the plot and control scheme, but quickly grasped both (sort of) and found a relatively entertaining game thus far, that really has that Metal Gear Solid 3-esque style of using your own imagination to complete missions. I'm kind of confused by how the Instinct mode works though; sometimes guards will fall for it, and others won't, even if you're the same distance from both. Also, the voice and facial acting is some of the best I've seen in any video game ever. I've made it up to the nightclub kill, and finding it rather difficult, as there's so many witnesses in such a small building

PS All Stars: I'll be perfectly honest, I asked for this because it included Sly Cooper. As obsessive-fangirl-ish as it sounds, I did at least justify owning every other 19 characters, by remembering that I've really enjoyed the SSB series on occasions. With that being said, WHY IS THIS GAME SO FUCKING BAREN OF CONTENT? I mean, there's no characters to actually unlock (you get everyone from the get-go), and when you do unlock anything, it's just recolours and little things to show off online before matches on your profile. The only modes there are, are Arcade mode, Exhibition mode and VS (Mutliplayer) mode. Maybe it's because I've actually never owned, and just played an SSB game, that I jumped in too quickly. I suppose I'll at least find a bit more longetivity in trying to master against other players.

Arkham City: Yet another case of me not playing previous instalments, in this case, Arkham Asylum. This one was harder to grasp, however. This is primarily due to the game putting you smack in the middle of this big-ass city, and then relaying literally everything in the game ever to you at light speed is, to say the least, overwhelming. That being said, there is quite a good amount of fun to be found in strategising and eventually ticking off, one by one, your rooms full of goons. If I enjoy it enough, maybe I'll buy the Catwoman storyline as well (second-hand purchase). Until then, I've made it up to where he goes looking for Ras'al'gul (or whatever), after beating that annoying as shit Penguin level.

Yet to jump into Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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