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DualShock: A Case Study in How to Melt Down on WF

This mother fucker has gotten away with being one of the worst posters on WF for far too long. Most of the time he can be found doing a good enough job of burying himself that there would be no need for a rant, but it's time for someone to lay it all out there now...especially with his pretty retarded meltdown in the "BULLY? more like PUSSY" thread.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with DualShock, he is the forum's biggest Vince Russo jock-sniffer. And more recently, the victim of his own mini (or major?) meltdown. Never once was he a credible poster, but at least he never made himself look like a cunt as he did during the afforementioned meltdown. DualShock was so repulsed by the rant on his hero BULLY, that he took to rants a day after Scrilla's thread, and made his own thread. The thread, which can be found at the below link, was locked by Headliner, at which point DualShock pitched a fit (quote will be in the body of this rant) in the BULLY thread.


DualShock seems to get upset about the "harsh" treatment of 11ers and 12ers...Maybe if a large portion of the 11ers and 12ers weren't so shit, they wouldn't be getting verbally raped in rants all the time. (yes I understand the irony of this, as I'm a 12er)

Let's take a look at his meltdown, and try to help him through it. Maybe when this is all said and done, he'll look at himself in the mirror and say "holy fuck, Ziggler Mark, you were right...I am an unbelievably retarded cunt." Chances are slim, but I have hope, DualShock.

First, we have Y2Raven and Hank Scorpio calling for DualShock's response to Scrila's rant on BULLY. DualShock immediately goes on the offensive (or maybe the defensive?) and fires a volley into the crowd:

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post

There is the big four and the jobbers thread where this discussion was started. If you have a problem post it in the right thread but don't derail this one because you failed with your argumentation when the time was right so you post little silly comments in other threads like little girls.
We can continue it in your 12/21 thread Y2Raven so somebody posts something there for a change. Don't derail the thread with this nonsense.

As for people wanting to close the jobbers thread. I understand if you hate it but I don't understand that you don't get that without that "shitty" thread there will be more shitty threads.
That's the same like the ratings or the GOAT thread, without it we would have hundreds of "who is the real GOAT?" or "HE SUCKS CUZ HE CAN'T DWAW"
Asking for a thread to not be derailed in Rants is like asking Cat to not be a gigantic bitch to someone she doesnt like...it's going to happen, and whether you like it or not, you can't stop it. Get used to it, get over it, or get the fuck out. And isnt it ironic that you ask for people to stop posting shit, when that's what 90% of your posts amount to?

Also, that Jobbers thread should have been closed a long time ago, as it's full of all the shit members who shouldnt be allowed to post on an internet forum, let alone breathe the same air as the rest of the world.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
This thread needs more BULLY posts
Not sure if you're trying to fit in with that one, or if you're trying to lick BULLY's asshole in the hopes that he buys you a premium membership.

Superior Quality asks who all voted for BULLY. DualShock responds...What is this shit about not wanting to derail the thread again? He also sneaks in that thinly veiled shot at everyone who dislikes BULLY.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Obviously nobody now all of sudden. I will make a new rant about hypocrisy tomorrow because I don't want to derail this thread but I am too tired to make a new thread now (It's 1 AM in my country now)
Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Yeah, but there are probably 4-5 people who were offered the lifetime membership, it's not enough to win and tbh there are more people who despise the jobbers thread than people who post in it but BULLY still had enough votes to win.
There was the scrilla thread where we should post our votes for the WF award that was deleted where 4-5 people voted for me as the best newcomer and I knew that I wouldn't win anyway because there are users on this forum who would get 10-20 votes.
The argument that he cheated would be only valid if he offered it to 10-20 people on this forum

And then he goes on (above) to say that only 4 or 5 people were offered the free membership. Do you know how math works, bro? Oh, and you werent going to ever win "newcomer of the year"...not because BULLY hogged all the votes, but because you're just a fucking awful poster who would be more useful playing in traffic, than posting on the internet.

It was around this time that DualShock made the "1 Day after the BULLYing" thread (found here: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...-bullying.html), which was promptly closed by Headliner, and cried about in the BULLY rant as can be seen below:

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Headliners post in the closed rant

The point is the time the rant was made and it was after the WF awards, that's all we need to know.
Yes, the quotes in the OP are all BULLY taking this forum seriously but the posts were never quoted of the people he replied to and I don't need to look in the chatbox or having supernatural powers to know that it all started because people are mad because of an internet award, so it's kinda ironic telling someone that he takes a forum seriously or has no life.
You really seem to think you know the source of the BULLY rant, when all you're doing is grasping at straws. The rant on Bully has nothing to do with an award, but more to do with the fact that he's so insecure in his own skin, that he felt the need to bolster his self-confidence by getting faux friends to vote for him in an internet popularity contest. Despite what you might think, it wasnt because he was a 12er either. It's because he is a pathetic cunt.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
People try to accuse someone of taking a wrestling forum seriously but yet they are butthurt that this person won an internet award
We aren't accusing anyone of taking the forum seriously...we're flat out letting you know that's what guys like you and BULLY are doing. You, by getting so upset about the alleged mistreatment of newcomers, and BULLY for buying people off on a forum.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
I have a sense of humor but on this internet site when someone complains it's bitching and complaining about trivial, irrelevant things
If someone "relevant" does it it's ironic and was meant as a joke.
There were many members with "give me green rep" in their sig and nobody called it joke, it was a pathetic attempt to have something irrelevant on a wrestlingforum like green rep.

Why is it different with posts from the people who complained that BULLY cheated to win something that is just important as green rep?
:bosh I dont even know where to begin with this one...I honestly dont think you're getting the point of Scrilla's rant at all. But, for the purposes of this rant, I think it's safe to say, that this post was the one that confirmed your meltdown as having officially commenced.

And then there was this one:

Dunk and Meki call out DualShock for derailing the thread and not having a sense of humor. DualShock responds:

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
That was the point of me making a new thread to post this stuff in that thread but it was closed.
The winner could get a free membership but most people who were upset that BULLY cheated are the people who already have a membership thus proving my point that they are upset because of an irrelevant internet award

Only because I refuse to join the group to post something about BULLY I lack a sense of humor?
The best example of taking something personally is making a rant about someone just in the moment he won the award because for some weird reason he just exposed himself in that very moment
If I made this rant about BULLY because he is the best poster and the best newcomer the same people would call me a little crybaby because I made a rant about the WF winner but because some people are afraid of the big bad wolf nobody mentions it and everybody who disagrees has no sense of humor
What is wrong with you? You made a thread, it got closed, get over it. You should have posted that original post from your thread in the designated BULLY thread. You got butthurt about it, and are taking it out on the world. But, to be perfectly fair, no matter where you posted it, we all would have buried the fuck out of you. It's just that now we get to see you go crazy because your thread was locked : Also, why the fuck does everything go back to this wild concept of "vets vs newcomers" with you? If you've noticed, I'm a "newcomer" and I can say with 100% confidence that if 10 people here hate me, it's alot. You know why? It's because I dont post like a retard with tourette's that happens to have a computer in front of me.

Then DualShock pulls a classic meltdown move--the "I'M DONE IN THIS THREAD" maneuver after Scrilla tells him to meet him in chatbox. And whattamaneuver it was! :StephenA

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Buy me a membership and I will

btw I'm done in the thread until something really spectaculary happens or someone wants me to reply.
Look who's back so soon:

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Meet me in the Jobbers thread
Which is a good thing, because his rage in the Jobbers thread is just as epic. (If this doesnt go too long, maybe i'll post some of his gems from that thread in this rant too.

The Metldown reaches its climax with the following post. Taking out his frustrations and inadequacies as a poster on Maverick, and resorts to attacking him:

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
The funny thing is that's the truth although I'm surprised he didn't realized it yet. Remember the movie Life with Eddie Murphy? sXe is the Hoppin' Bob of this forum
and have you ever seen Something about Mary? You're the Warren of the forum...

Mav basically says just that--"If someone is shit, like you, I'll call them shit". Well, this obviously doesnt sit too well with DualShock:

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Too bad, maybe someone would believe it if you would not make it so obvious.
Funny, I was not very liked by you when I joined but when Cat posted how we both made up you started posting shit "how I improved and I'm a better user because I learned my lesson". Just for the record, I was disliked by sXe just when I started to argue with Cat, Strange coincidence
I can'y be bothered to find this sort of exchange, but to be perfectly honest, you're retarded. People have minds of their own, and sometimes they can think that something(s) that other people say are good, regardless of whether or not they don't like you. I think you post something that isnt bad maybe once every few weeks. You know the saying; "Every squirrel finds a nut sometimes".

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
All of sudden it took one single post by some other user (Yeah1993) that guys like me are the reason why 12ers suck and this one post was enough to make you change your mind? Kinda ironic to call other people kiss ass and there are numerous examples, recently BULLY.
Here's a hint, 12ers dont suck because other members say they suck. It's actually the other way around. Members say they suck because, well, theyre fucking terrible for the most part. You and BULLY have done alot to confirm this over the last few days.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
This thread should actually be a lesson to you. One user buries people he has actually nothing against them only to look cool in front of older members and one day a rant about him is made where everything crashes down, all the hard work of ass kissing for nothing. You're next if you continue this way
If anyone should be taking lessons from the thread about BULLY, it should be you. Don't take the internet as serious as you do. It becomes a far more enjoyable experience when you dont have a chip on your shoulder about why you're treated like shit because of your join date. Instead of worrying about being picked on for your join date, do something about your post quality, stop getting upset when a shitty 12er gets ranted on, and stop being so easily gotten to.

*As a footnote to this: Dualshock's posts in the Jobbers thread just arent worth me finding and posting up here. They're not nearly as whiny as his meltdown in the BULLY thread, and with that thread being an 800+ page clusterfuck, I'm not sifting through all the shit he's posted in there.

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