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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II

Originally Posted by asdf0501 View Post
Going back to the Lynch department:

Inland Empire >>> Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me >>> Lost Highway >>> Mulholland Drive >>> Wild At Heart >>> Blue Velvet >>> Eraserhead >>> The rest.

I also love Elephant Man and specially Straight Story, hell even Dune. But that movies being good or even amazing on they own, are not real Lynch's so they are at the Bottom
Hmm... Twin Peaks > Inland Empire > Lost Highway > Blue Velvet > Mulholland Dr. > Wild at Heart > The Straight Story > The Elephant Man > Fire Walk With Me > Eraserhead > Dune

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
I still have not seen Inland Empire. I don't even know anything about it.

On the out there Lynch scale, where does it rank? How surreal? How's the horror/is there even horror?

Looked it up. Laura Dern. Unfortunate. I still need to see the damn thing though.
Laura Dern is amazing in it. This isn't the kid who couldn't act. Iím also really enjoying her TV show Enlightened.

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
I've only seen Dune & Mullholland Dr. but I can already say I think you're pretty spot on. I don't even know how to describe either after I finish them. I laughed, I was confused, I was intrigued, etc. If all of his films leave you like that, well, then I have to see more.
Dune is a steaming pile of turd. Look up Alejandro Jodorowsky and see what he wanted to do with it. The guy is a madman and one of the greatest of all filmmakers.

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
The bad thing about Twin Peaks is that it didn't get to go down like Lynch wanted. ABC put certain demands on him that he really didn't like. Had HBO been in the business of producing television series, Twin Peaks would've been far, far better off.

It's still pretty damn entertaining though. I'd watch the series and then watch Fire Walk With Me.
Personally, I feel Fire Walk With Me detracts from the series. It's superfluous. See it for Sheryl Lee's tits.

Originally Posted by TheNerdSlam View Post
Twin Peaks has two great stretches. The first season is a great slow build. Season 2 starts off great, but once the first mystery is solved, it takes a huge dip. Almost doesn't feel like the same show anymore.

End of the Second season comes back real strong though. I tend to try and forget the 4-5 episode span where it slows down.
Yes, it contains one of the most brilliant final episodes of a television show that I have seen. It's mesmerising.

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