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Re: Nearly 50,000 Americans sign petition to deport Piers Morgan

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
There's no logic involved. Just a bunch of gun crazy people mad at someone who dedicated a bunch of shows to talking about gun control.
Do you even read threads or do any actual research on the topic before piping in? Piers Morgan is an idiot. He's calling for gun control on such a large scale it is impossible. Being from Britain, he should know and be well versed in large scale gun control failure considering the two years following the Dunblane Massacre and Britain banned handguns, GUN CRIME SKYROCKETED BY 40%.

If you'd have read the thread, you'd see that not too many people are attacking him, but his opinions and smug attitude towards a culture that isn't even his, yet provides his opinion on a mass scale to said culture leaving it completely empty of facts outside of his one sided personal opinion. Oh, and subversion. That too. This is the same jackass that said the Bible needed to be amended to placate "religious homosexuals".

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
50,000 out of 315 million Americans. In other words, about 99% of the country doesn't give a damn. It's not really embarrassing cuz almost nobody cares or even knows about it. Just another generic news story that means nothing.
Maybe if you'd tear yourself away from Wrestling Forum with your 40 posts a day, you'd use something other than that type of tortured logic. Simply tortured.


Originally Posted by Noel Sheppard
Using that tortured logic, since only 776,000 people watched his show Thursday, that must mean 314,214,588 Americans think he shouldn't be on the air at all.

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