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Re: 2013 might challenge 1998 for best gaming year ever - take a look

Looks like another stellar year of gaming and I'm looking forward to it as usual. Got Painkiller and Anarchy Reigns coming out soon, so that should be fun. Even though I've heard mixed feelings on the new Platinum Games one. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

GTA 5, no explanation needed really. If it's as good as 4 I'll be happy.

Tomb Raider - Sadly I've heard rumours of multiplayer being in that game. *sigh*

Total War: Rome II - God I fucking love these games. Could play them all day. So excited for this.

Bioshock Infinite - That Songbird Edition is the sex. And if it's like the first I'll be happy.

Gears of War Judgment - Really liking what People Can Fly are doing with this, sort of making it a bit more arcade-y just like they did with Bulletstorm. So I'm excited.

Dead Space 3 - Fucking love this franchise even if they have put Co-Op in. Looking forward to seeing where Isaac's tale takes him this time.

And a fuck ton more...

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
At the start of this year I was pretty much only hyped with the releases of Mass Effect 3 (and i'm the only one it seems doesn't endlessly bitch about it, I loved it)
Same here, brother. I loved the fuck out of that game even with it's underwhelming ending. And I'm probably one of the very few people on Earth that puts it over the second game. But the first will always be the best.

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