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Re: BULLY? more like PUSSY

Originally Posted by Glass Shatters View Post
Spoiler for Glass Shatters:
Take this from someone who doesn't fucking care about the forum awards. I didn't even vote. And I never kissed anyone on this forum's ass, either.

BULLY is and always has been a condescending douche bag that spoke down upon others via an Internet wrestling sub-forum. Almost every single thread he participated in became a bragging fest about him LITERALLY flexing on everyone else, having pussy on tap, getting blow jobs while browsing the forum, or about how he was leader of some stupid Internet group while he simultaneously played both sides of the fence talking down on said stupid Internet group. I pretty much told him he was a jackass when he posted that ignorance in the cologne thread - which if there are any MISCers here - know it's a good fucking idea for a thread especially with the amount of males here. He's the typical guy that skips the rock across the pond 50 times when you can do it 10.

It's about time someone compiled all his bullshit in one thread and just blew him away. I really need to read the chat box more often.
100% accurate.

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
I hope he comes back and makes some kind of at least mildly entertaining post.

It's boring when someone gets completely owned and never comes back.

At least try to put up a fight.
Agreed, but BULLY's words always carried little weight, he was a poser and his 'Meet me in Rants' was the final bluff. Expect either a 'weak final stand', a 'sneak back in' a la Mystical, or an apologetic 'I'll be better' thread like so many other twats have made.

Originally Posted by Purple Aki View Post
It's funny cause I'm certain the whole winning the award thing was from me having a laugh with Bully and Champ. Champ took it on the chin like a whore and a pair of bollocks whilst Bully just got offended by it and had a dig at me in the chatbox

I could be wrong if somebody was annoyed by it an brought it up before I made a joke of it but I hadn't seen anybody fuming on it by that point.

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
Has Bully even logged back on since?
Meanwhile at BULLY's place:

2015 GFX Poster of the Year
2014 Winner of Best Signature & 2014 GFX Poster of the Year
2013 Winner of Best Signature & 2013 GFX Poster of the Year
2012 Winner of Seabs' Heart & 2012 GFX Poster of the Year

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