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Re: 12/28 Smackdown, 12/26 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Some enjoyable parts and a lot of meh moments per usual.

I enjoyed the Big Slow on the mic. Him thrashing the whole roster was gold. The 3on3 tag match felt short, but was alright nonetheless. It felt like Barrett desperately needed that pin, because of his shit booking. Miz/Ziggler was the highlight of the show and The Shield had another stellar promo.

I don't get why Sheamus/Big Slow is continuing, because they already did everything. Sheamus with another "I want to fight promo" - give me a break. By the way the WWE just proves over and over again how he is booked like Cena #2. Maybe they should just give him the title than rather make us watch him fail like twelve times more, before he reclaims his title. Guess the WWE doesn't know what to do so they leave them feuding until Ziggler cashes in the title.

I may like Ryder, but I don't get why is Cezaro being paired with him? Cezaro should be moving forward and not backwards. I don't get why is Maddoxx getting squashed over and over again. Maybe they are going somewhere and maybe they aren't. Maddox can use some protection from The Shield. USO's vs PTP was horribly short and a complete waste for that matter. The end of the episode was confusing and bad.

And yeah.. no fucks were given about Primo/Epico vs Brodus.

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