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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

WrestleMania 29 - Where Myths Die, and Legends are Born

Money in the Bank Returns!
Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow vs Christian vs Wade Barrett vs Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes vs The Miz
Time: 15:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
The absence of MITB has damaged the last 2 WrestleManias - WWE should realise and rectify this. There are a lot of talented young wrestlers in WWE at the moment who could deserve this briefcase. I would have Cesaro climb the ladder, look set to claim the briefcase with nobody else on their feet, when a returning Jack Swagger runs in to cost him the match and set up a future US title feud, and my closing sequence would see Christian and Barrett fighting on top of the ladder, with Wade hitting the Bullhammer on his opponent before claiming the briefcase - injury supposedly robbed him of a MITB victory last year, and a win here would revitalise and finally give purposeful direction to his character.

Battle of the Luchadores
Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio
Time: 12:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
I'm not convinced Sin Cara is ready yet (ever?) to inherit Rey's role, but with Mysterio's recent injury woes, I'm adopting the mantra of better early than never - and the match, booked correctly, should be really good. I don't think either man needs to turn heel in the build-up to this: I would book them to face new WWE Tag Team Champions Rhodes Scholars at Elimination Chamber, lose, vent their frustrations with each other, cut promos (in Spanish if necessary) about being WWE's no.1 Luchachadore,etc. I would have Sin Cara roll-up Mysterio as a counter to the 619 to pick up the victory, with Rey passing the torch, but the opportunistic finish leaving the possibility of a Summerslam/WM30 rematch open, depending on Mysterio's fitness and Cara's popularity.

Falls Count Anywhere
The Shield (Dean Ambrose + Roman Reigns + Seth Rollins) vs Randy Orton + Sheamus + Mark Henry
Time: 15:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
The Shield deserves a 6-man tag match at WrestleMania, and this should be against 3 big names. I would rather Sheamus and Orton be placed here than against each other, and badass face Mark Henry could be really entertaining. I would continue with the Shield's disruption of injustices and also have them destroy several legends who return to WWE TV in the next few months. Eventually, 1 legend (perhaps Mick Foley) should snap, assemble a team to put a stop to The Shield's dastardly antics, and this match is created. This would feature plenty of run-ins (such as Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer, DX etc. for the faces, and NXT rookies looking to align themselves with the Shield), and both teams would wreak all-out havoc throughout the arena. I would let The Shield pick up the win to continue their momentum, and, in the match's aftermath, Orton would turn heel by attacking Sheamus, setting up a feud.

Career-Threatening Clash of the Titans
Ryback vs The Big Show
Time: 10:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
This "clash of the titans" seems kind of inevitable, and I'm fine with that, although I would be really disappointed if this ends up being our WHC match. After Big Show loses his title, he enters the Rumble, is eliminated by Ryback, and retaliates by eliminating Ryback as an external participant late in the match. This leads to a slow-burning rivalry culminating in a WM match with an added (fantasy) stipulation that if Show loses, he will be forced to retire. He has served the WWE very well for his 15 years or so with the company, and is a talented performer (especially for a man of his size), but his character is incredibly stale and it is time for him to vacate his spot for the many young wrestlers who are ready for spots in the main event. Ryback wins via Shell-Shocked, Big Show gets to say a proper farewell on RAW, and Ryback moves onto another challenge.

World Heavyweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Big E Langston + AJ Lee vs Daniel Bryan w/ Kane vs Chris Jericho w/ Edge
Time: 21:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
This match would be awesome! Jericho might be busy touring with Fozzy, in which case a 1-on-1 match would more than suffice, but I think this match would be a great way to tie together Ziggler's MITB case, his feud with Jericho, AJ's selection of male admirers (ahem), and the shambles that was the handling of Bryan's WM match last year. Bryan wins the Rumble, Jericho returns, attacks Ziggler, and this triple-threat match is set. With Ziggler and Bryan both having enforcer figures (Big E and Kane respectively), Y2J seeks his own manager and calls upon former tag partner Edge. At the end of an instant classic, Bryan kicks Jericho out of the ring, turns around to a Superkick from Dolph but ducks under it and locks in the No/Yes! Lock and forces the champ to tap out for a euphoric victory. AJ slaps Dolph, pleads for Bryan's forgiveness, he turns away as if to reject her before turning back and sharing a lengthy 'kiss of life' with AJ in a reverse of last year's 'kiss of death'.

Divas Championship
AJ Lee w/ Daniel Bryan vs Eve Torres
Time: 3:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
In all honesty, these 2 are the only divas off the current roster who deserve to be anywhere near the WM29 card. Both are heels at the momemt, but I think this would make the build-up more interesting. After re-aligning herself with Bryan in the previous match, AJ would play the face, and pick up her first Divas Championship victory after a Shining Wizard. With belts around both of their waists, Bryan carries AJ away in celebration.

Respect vs The Streak - Guest Enforcer Triple H
CM Punk vs The Undertaker
Time: 29:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
This match has been strongly rumoured, and I think it's a great idea! In terms of drama and nostalgia, I highly doubt his HIAC match with HHH will be beaten this year, so I would like (if possible) to see Taker return to putting on a wrestling clinic, and I think, after a couple of years of rest (pretty much), he could pull this off against Punk. Punk loses his WWE Championship to The Rock at the Rumble, and at EC, Punk cheats to gain an advantage against Rock, but Taker interferes, costing Punk the victory. Taker claims if Punk wants respect, he needs to earn it, not by relying on suspicious officiating and despicable heelish tactics, but by proving he is the "Best [Wrestler] in the World". And there is only one way to truly prove that - by accomplishing what no man has accomplished before. Triple H, with his extensive history with both competitors, is appointed as Guest Enforcer to ensure there is no foul activity. And there's your match. My ideal ending is unrealistic for several reasons but I'll suggest it anyway haha! After an awesome encounter, Punk heads to the top rope to hit his second Flying Elbow of the match, but Taker sits up (Deadman style), Punk looks horrified, Taker advances to the turnbuckle, successfully trades punches with Punk and mounts the turnbuckle as if setting himself up for a superplex. With Triple H blindsided, Punk Low-Blows Taker, puts him in a Pedigree position, smiles at Hunter and hits the Pepsi Plunge! Trips looks at Punk in disbelief, but reluctantly obliges with the 3-count... but Taker kicks out at the last possible second! Punk can't believe this, and turns towards HHH to berate him when Taker locks in Hell's Gates (for the 2nd time) - Punk crawls desperately to the ropes, but Taker drags him to the center. Punk refuses to tap, and passes out (ala Triple H and Steve Austin), earning the respect of HHH, Taker, and the fans even in his villainous defeat. I said it was unrealistic! I would love it to happen though... anyway, if Taker is healthy, this match should steal the show. Taker winning sets up a match with Cena at WM30 - finally!

WWE Championship
John Cena vs The Rock (c) vs Brock Lesnar

Time: 23:00
Reason, Backstory & Outcome:
WWE's current star vs Hollywood actor vs (former) formidable UFC fighter. For a company that prides/bases itself on mixing wrestling and entertainment, this showcase main-event would be a marketing dream. More importantly (from a fan's perspective), it should be a really entertaining feud & match, distinctly preferable to Cena/Rock II or Rock/Lesnar (II) by my standards. Cena beat Brock at ER 2012, Rock beat Cena at WM28, Brock beat Rock at Summerslam 2002, and this match would therefore have a good backstory and (kayfabe) quite a bit of unpredictability. The temptation to turn Cena heel is tantalising, and my booking with Punk/Taker was also unrealistic, so...! After a plethora of traded and stolen finishers, Cena simultaneously hits the Attitude Adjustment on both Rock and Brock, pinning the former to win the Championship and, as Brock leers on in the background and slinks away, Rock and Cena shake hands as the confetti falls. Suddenly, Cena nails Rock with the belt. He lays it on a fallen Rock's face, and performs the 5-knuckle shuffle (with his middle-finger stuck up towards the crowd), before destroying Rock with 3 more AAs. Smiling sadistically over a lifeless Rock, Cena cuts a promo criticising the fans for failing to give him their full backing when he gave everything for them, etc., and as the show closes, we see Cena hoist Rock up, and hit one final AA before sauntering off and parading his belt to the crowd's stunned silence/seething hatred as the camera fades to black...

More of a fantasy card than a prediction, but it is certainly plausible with no unlikely returns or overly dramatic shifts in superstar card placement - and I think this would make for a fantastic WrestleMania! Both World Title matches being Triple Threats might seem odd in principle, but in practice, the WHC match would be an absolute clinic in terms of workrate, and the Main Event would be much more interesting than seeing Cena/Rock II or Brock/HHH II (and any other scenario except for Cena/Taker, which should be saved for WM30) in my opinion. The undercard is varied and should be much more entertaining than the lacklustre efforts of the last WrestleMania's opening hour or so. And Punk vs Taker has legitimate 5-Star potential. There are a lot of good cards on here, I just hope WWE doesn't go the obvious route - sometimes that can be the best way, but with so much talent available this year seeing rematches from WrestleMania 28 and Summerslam would be hugely disappointing!
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