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Re: BULLY? more like PUSSY

Well it's no secret that I'm not liked by some people because I have the audacity to treat everybody the same in rants and telling that I dislike a post or thread regardless of join date or reputation and at the same time pointing out the hypocrisy if someone does not the same. This is one of these days
no it isn't. you missed the thesis of my thread, but i'll entertain you. even though i'm likely getting "trolled" and shouldn't bother responding to this fucking wall of text.

Yesterday the scrilla rant about BULLY was made. It was good, entertaining and funny but there is one big problem that probably many people realized but obviously some people are afraid of the big bad wolf and haven't mentioned it.
that bully didn't do shit when he MET ME IN RANTS?

This problem is bad timing because it was made after the WF award results and that makes you a little crybaby who is jealous because you or someone you liked hasn't won.
that's nice, but the whole rigging the awards thing was an afterthought. the original skeleton of my thread was me just quoting his chatbox meltdown. i decided to add a little bit extra at the beginning and then end so it didn't look too lazy and to give it a narrative as well. as clearly stated in the first paragraph of the thread: "time to expose this chump and give his meltdown an official thread. so this guy BULLY likes to pretend he's a laid back mothafucka who doesn't give a fuck and is a computer "BULLY". let's be real though he ain't shit. let's evaluate the boys choices in life lately. "

no where does it mention anything about awards. the whole awards thing does play into the bigger picture though. bully pretends to not give a fuck, but as shown by his reaction in the chatbox and his no show in the thread. he's just a gimmick. he cares what people think about him way too much on here and thus he built this gimmick to "get over", however upon quick inspection it's obvious his gimmick is a fraud. his entire internet persona which was designed to be the "big fish" or whatever he said is nothing more than false confidence on an internet forum to boost his own apparently low self esteem.

It was time to expose the chump? Funny that the time has come after the results, because he is a premium member for a while and you probably interacted with him before and you never had the need to expose him as a chump before? LOL
the body of the thread is centered around quotes from a chatbox meltdown he had about an hour before i made the thread. clearly you have no idea what you're talking about which isn't surprising. honestly i've never had much interaction with BULLY either or paid much attention to him as i don't read the jobbershite on here. i just saw the meltdown and decided it needed its own thread.

Most quotes in the OP were mocking him with comments like "LOL the loser is upset because of something on a wrestling forum, get a life bro"
it wasn't about getting a life. it was about separating the fucking internet from real life. reacting the way he did to comments on a message board that mean absolutely nothing outside of this URL is pathetic. i don't care what he spends his life doing, but taking this message board so seriously probably isn't healthy. it also contradicts his entire internet wrestling forum persona.

But yet it started it all with people being butthurt because an user won a fictional trophy by winning an award on the internet with a little help of an internet wrestlingstable. People who cried in the WF award because they lost an internet contest because someone cheated have no right telling someone that he has no life.
i can't speak for others, but i never cried. i did make a joke about the elections which i think was underrated and funnier than half the shit i posted in this thread, but that was just a joke. i wasn't in the chatbox saying "OMG BULLY CHEATED FUCK MY LIFE IS OVER. MEET ME IN RANTS BULLY I WILL FUCK YOU UP FOR CHEATING"! in fact i didn't even give a fuck about winning an award or who won. i asked magic who to vote for in the best 2012er b/c it meant so little to me. if i gave a fuck i would've asked people to vote for me, offered them a membership for voting for me, or voted for myself. but i didn't because it's an internet wrestling forum popularity contest. it's a fun little thing at the end of the year.

This entertaining rant will forever be overshadowed by the horrible timing.
That's like making a rant about an user right after he red repped you. It can be the most entertaining rant in the world, it will be always overshadowed by the red rep
Was it too much just to wait 2-3 days so it doesn't look so obvious?
i made it after the meltdown. the chatbox archive deletes itself after three days anyway. it was relevant at the time and so it was made. just because you don't seem to grasp that and want to connect to awards of which you seem very focused on, despite the fact that you claim i'm the one taking them seriously is pretty funny to me.

gonna ignore all the shit about the jobbers. b/c i don't really give a shit what they do or whose side they took. in fact i fully expected the jobber army to attack when i made this thread. obviously they've seen more of this behavior from BULLY than i did on his chatbox meltdown and have come to their own conclusions. maybe they just decided to jump ship. it doesn't really matter to me at the end of the day. i'm not going to rep them for taking my side or suddenly become their internet friend for turning on bully. it's irrelevant to me. it was just about exposing bully's fraud of a forum gimmick.

scrilla's rant of the year? If bitching about the WF award is rant of the year then the numerous red rep rants are threads of the months.
again you missed the point of the thread. if the thread was soley based on BULLY getting people to vote for him and not on the fact that he has some strange internet ego/gimmick that doesn't seem to equate with his low self-esteem then you'd have a point. however this thread was about his meltdown and brief exposure that his BULLY gimmick is a fraud and really he's a pink pussy bitch inside.

by the way i don't think it is rant of the year. i much preferred my huge thread where i trolled the fuck out of the jobbers for like 2 months. which took much less effort

to sum it up you're probably trolling on the parts about me being butthurt, which isn't surprising given everything you ignored in your OP. if you aren't then you don't get it.


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