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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
I'll take a page from the book of Austin on this one:

"Take the letters S and H and put them in front of 'it factor' and that's exactly what I think about AJ."

Reverse Midas touch all the way on this one. Everything she touches turns to fecal matter. Absolutely nothing, repeat, NOTHING involving her this year has been good.

You may also want to wise up and realize that she didn't become the angle, as you put it, because of her personality, she became the angle because she was booked to be the main character despite a) nobody wanting her in that position and b) not warranting that spot in the least. Her personality had nothing to do with it, it was planned for her to become the angle, and that's why every single angle she was a part of what such a colossal, beyond belief FAILURE.

Please mods, close this obvious troll thread. It offends my eyes.
LOL, I wish I could be as internet cool as you. Just because someone posts a controversial opinion about which you disagree, it's a "troll thread?" Grow up, and move out of mommy's basement for once.

Back to the subject matter...I'm the type of person who thinks everything is a work, but I genuinely felt that AJ overshadowing everyone was legit show-stealing, and not all pre-planned. Do you people think that WWE doesn't want a guy (i.e., Punk) to take over as the guy, before Cena's batteries run out? The fact of the matter is, but Punk cannot do it. He's been carried through his shitty title reign by the likes of AJ, Bryan, Jericho, The Rock, Ryback, Paul Heyman, etc.

A.J. Lee actually made me interested in a Punk's feud (something that only The Rock has been able to do).

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