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Re: Could Dwayne Johnson played Jack Reacher better than Tom Cruise?

No fuck The Rock.

Like Nick, I might be one or two people on here that actually follow the books, i've read all of them except the newest one at least twice and Cruise, while he did a bit better than I expected he still wasn't right for the part. I don't think the rock would have been much better because I don't really rate him as an actor anyways.

Ray Stevenson (minus the accent) or Ryan Hurst (Opie from SoA) are the first two guys I think of offhand I would cast. Probably lean more towards Hurst though since he is younger (although Stevenson is closer to his actual age in the books) and more menacing looking. And its not the size issue that hurts Cruise playing Reacher. Its the fact no one buys Cruise as a silent, brooding badass and Reacher is obviously a character inspired by guys like Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson. The scene where the guys confronted him in the bar trying to pick a fight felt so wrong.

Obviously however the issue there is neither Stevenson or Hurst are box office draws, so fans of the book were always going to have to compromise. Its an alright movie, something someone who has no expectations would enjoy I think but for people like Rush and myself its kind of disheartening when a character we've grown to love over the last 15 years is played by someone who just is a total misconception of our own expectations. And that seems to be a fairly regular feeling from fans of the book.

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